ATI Radeon 7000 is Giving me a Headache!

i was on my computer watching a video on Windows Media Player and surfing the net when all of a sudden my computer basically shuts down on me...

when i rebooted all i got was a black screen...

so when i booted in safe mode i got the following:

"the device player was unable to perform a drawing operation"

and that my ATI Mobility Radeon 7000 was the culprit behind it all....

well, i have disabled the Adapter because that's the only way i can perform a normal boot

so i basically want to know that if i uninstall this driver can i install another Display Adapter that is NOT a mobility Radeon 7000???

...simply because there seems to be no more updates for my particular Adapter

and i also need to know what display adapters i can use for my particular computer?

i have a Toshiba's a Satellite A65-S126

If ANYONE can help me i would greatly appreciate it! thanx!
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  1. First reinstall your OS(maybe Win XP),then go to the site of ATI and download the latest version of Catalyst.Be sure that Catalyst is useful ,even for Radeon 7000.After downloading and saving it in one of your partitions ( D: ,for example),run it.It will substitute the previous driver automatically.

    Arya from Tehran
  2. thank you for replying!

    yes i do have Windows XP.

    If i reinstall my OS won't that wipe everything out and basically start me over like i just bought the computer? if so, that's the last attempt i want to try because i have so much stuff on this computer that i need...

    and i had tried to install the Catalyst for Radeon from off of ATI and it said catalyst couldn't be installed on my system, and i should try to go to my manufacturer for a driver update...

    so i did that and there's no update for the driver.....there IS, however, an update for the chipset for the driver...

    do you think i should try that?
  3. You do not need to reformat, however it is the easiest but painful job if you have your computer set up the way you like it. However Understand if you bought your laptop from a personal computer vendor such as Dell or HP, understand that most computer parts are OEM and that the suppliers usually provides there own motherboards. To make things compatible with there own proprietary products they sometimes may have to modify drivers to make the device compatible. Part saying you will may need to go visit the website where you purchased your labtop from, and find the drivers from there, usally they categorize there drivers section in the Products and Support page you may want to update a the chipset this also give the motherboard an updated reference to newer updates. If that does not help you may want to uninstalling your drivers the old fashion way.

    ATI Driver only.

    Click Start, click Run, and then type devmgmt.msc

    This will bring up the device manager, click on the display tab right click, properties, tab drivers. You will have four options from experience you may need to roll back your driver, just remember NOT to disable your display if you choose to right click and disable. However each computer is not built the same and you may loose your display, if that happens just boot up in safe mode. The best viable option is to uninstall the drivers. This will not cause you to loose your display, the windows will default itself to the most basic component. Restart your computer and install the drivers the same way, buy reopening up device manager and install driver. Find the .exe of your driver and click on it, if windows ask you to go online to find updates click no. Also if it asks you to install device automatically click no, this will cause a config conflict later if you watch DVD’s through a 3rd party program such as powerdvd. The link I provided is the best driver, try this one first, if not you may need to go to the legacy support page at ATIs website.

    I hope this should help. Let me know if this solves any of your problems
  4. Sorry for some reason the link didn't post.

    ATI Dispaly Driver only
  5. Yes,reinstalling Win XP will wipe out every thing on drive C ( specially if you choose "Fresh Installation").So,the best method is considering drive C just for OS and apps and not personal data and other stuff like songs & movies.
    I myself reinstall Win XP ( and all other games,etc) each month(instead of defragmentation).Believe me or not, the comp becomes faster and all anomalies disappear(I'm sure internet is the cause).
    Anyway,learning how to reinstall "Win XP SP2" is a must.You can transfer your important data to other partitions on your comp like drive D or E...and then try to reinstall Windows.
    Please keep in mind that you must format your drive C during installation (Don't use Quick Format,let the Setup check your HDD) to get good results ,so avoid Repair mode which the bootable CD of Windows offers.

    Arya from Tehran
  6. well i tried so many things....i tried the advice here and i even uninstalled the ATI drivers and tried to replace it with the omega drivers....still didn't work....

    so i went rummaging through all my installation cds and stumbled across a recovery cd from Toshiba that came with my says

    "Recover and Applications/Drivers DVD"

    it says that the software included with this recover DVD was pre-installed on your hard drive of the factory and may only be used for backup and recovery of your toshiba system.

    Now it says i can do a complete recovery or do a selective reinstall...

    do you suggest a complete recovery or no?

    i would like to keep some files but i can't use my USB port to put my files on my USB disk drive USB port stopped working the same time my ATI display adapter stopped working....

    someone mentioned partitioning drives...but i am not sure how to do that.....i'm looking that up right now.

    oh! if i have files placed in the My Documents folder...are those files considered being in drive C:/ for when I do a complete recovery?

    thank you guys so far for trying to help me with this!!
  7. Hi Kanona
    Let's begin from the end!!
    Yes,what you have in your "My Documents" folder is infact in your drive C.So,you must transfer them to another drive before reinstalling Win XP.Also "MY Picture" & "My Music" folders are in drive C ;so you must follow the same procedure too.
    "USB driver" is in windows and their problems are just one of the anomalies I mentioned earlier.Be sure that by reinstalling Win XP you'll have access to your USB port again.
    For making new partitions in the present situation( I mean before reinstalling Win XP) ,there's a very good app:"Partition Magic",but you don't need it now,your problem is something else!
    And now answer toyour first question!!
    I don't know what's in that "Revovery DVD",please open it and tell me.There must be Win XP SP2 for sure,otherwise you must find a Win XP SP2 disc.
    Avoid any procedure that doesn't need to format drive C in its recovery.Please don't hesitate to ask more.

    Arya from Tehran
    Kindness is the key to the World's problems
  8. Hi again!! lol

    well, here's an update...and i actually have some good news this time.

    i had reinstalled windows and all the software using the recovery disk but it didn't fix my problem

    so i went on the toshiba website again to find something...anything that might help.

    i saw an update for the BIOS so i tried that and lo and behold...that solved my problem!!

    but i no longer had my ATI control panel or extra features that comes with i used the Recovery disk to only install the ATI software again and i got all my ATI features back and i can actually reboot with no problems.

    oh! since i couldn't partition the drives....i burned all my important pics, documents, and programs onto CD-R's....

    there were a few things i forgot about that i wanted and lost, but i am happy that i was able to at least save most of the important stuff....

    i still have the installations CDs to all my other hardware and software so i can always install those.

    The only thing that still doesn't work is my USB i went ahead and bought a USB 2.0 cardbus because i really needed my printer for work

    it was hard using that recovery disk because i would be starting all over on my computer....but i am glad i did it. It really did clean out my computer!!

    i just hope this ATI problem doesn't occur again!

    if you have any advice for the nonworking USB ports that would be great!

    You have been so helpful and patient with my problems...i really appreciate all the advice! :D
  9. Hi again!
    Glad to hear that you yourself solved the problem.As you see the problems are precious,we learn a great deal from them.The problems are our great teachers.
    Philosophical aspects aside,flashing BIOS is a sensitive technical fix,you've done it so you can do everything else.
    Please check your USB 2.0 card.It must be High Speed,unless it's USB 1.1 and it won't benefit you too much as there's a huge defference between them(Surely you know that real USB 2.0 is backward compatible too).
    Anyway,I'm sure that you didn't format your drive C during revovery procedure,unless you could use your USB port now.Am I right?!!

    And about your last line :You're welcome!

    Arya from Tehran
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    Has he enough time to think about the universe and the meaning of life?
    Does he know what's going on in the world?
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