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No BIOS Start Up Screen

Last response: in Windows 7
March 18, 2011 6:44:45 PM

I don't know if it was a windows update, but here is all the information to my problem.

I first had an issue with trying to install service pack 1 on my computer. I had to have windows fix the automatic updates to be able to download and isntall it.

Later on i start getting the issue were my computer would get hanged up in sleep mode. I would put it to sleep before going to bed, and then hit the keyboard, and i hear the beeps and fans kick on, the keyboard lights up. I turn on my monitor, i get nothing. Just black screen, my monitor starts to rotate through the video sources looking for a signal (analog, digital, hdmi). My keyboard now has no power, the "Num Lock" light went out, and my mouse has no power either. The fans are still going on the computer though and i can open and close my DVD drive.

I go ahead and restart it, i get no BIOS screen to show up, i get a black screen all the way to my log in for my account. From there everything works fine. I have now just skipped putting my computer into sleep mode, and leaving it on 24/7.

I did notice one night last weekend that the computer did go black on my while i had it on, i had to restart it. I found it strange since i have my power setting set up no sleep, no hybernate, no to basically anything. I just wanted it so i have to manually put it to sleep. the setting to turn off the HD's is turned off, as well as to turn off the monitor.

I am lost right now, i have no clue whats happening. The computer can still boot, so i don't believe its a motherboard issue. But the whole not seeing the BIOS screen is bothering me. I tried to just hit F12 to get to my boot screen, that doesn't work. As well as hitting DEL to enter the BIOS settings. So basically i have no access to my BIOS.

To summarize,

Computer still boots and runs
No access to BIOS
Black screen when trying to wake up from Sleep Mode.

I also have a labtop with windows 7 and i had it give me a black screen on my log in. I hit a button and got the the whole audio instructions to kick on. I tried tapping the touchpad, but finally got it to show me the screen after pressing the power button. I have similar sleep settings, were it will only sleep if i close the lid to my labtop.

Any help would be greatly beneficial.

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March 23, 2011 1:49:21 AM

Do a windows 7 system restore from before the problems. Not every update by the gatekeepers (microsoft) is needed. In fact they say alot of updates are needed but they are just closing piracy loop holes.