SATA and XP Pro Issues

Setup recognizes the floppy and allows me to select XP driver from the disk.

Setup continues but when it comes time to copy the file from the floppy it tells me setup can't copy the file(s).

I have formatted, recopied, changed disks, tried all 4 versions of windows selectable from the disk and no bueno.

I'm dead in the water.

Asus K8X800 ProII Mainboard
Seagate Barracuda 160GB 7,200RPM HD
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  1. Well when I installed my SATA HD, windows (I run XP Pro as well) automatically found it and set it up. I didn't need to install any drivers or anything...
  2. Lucky.

    I'm using the Enterprise edition, I don;t know if that makes a diff......


    I tried my XP Home and it works juuuuuust fine....

    Hmmmmm Confusion.
  3. You should not have to F6 to install anything on that system. Unless you are using RAID.
    Incase you are using raid be sure to use VIA most up to date 4 in 1 drivers and raid drivers.

    Albatron driver area
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