When will DX10 cards be available?

My Asus X800XL is fading away (a fan problem). So I am in the market for a new card. But it has to complies with DX10 because of a new game (Flight Simulator X) which will be out next fall.

That´s the question.

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  1. ms vista os time... approximately, thats if they even continue that naming convention... there was talk of it being Dx9.0d or dx9.1

    in the meantme, buy urself a replacment cooler, the x800xl is still good...
  2. Some people make me laugh as the X800 is a quality card and can still cost a small fortune so why not replace the fan?
  3. Thanks for the reply.

    The fan is very expensive because it is attached to a copper heat sink and heat-pipes.

  4. Hell, if your going to have to buy Vista to use DX10 (my worst fear)...I have a feeling I'll be on ubuntu and XP home alot longer than I thought.
  5. From what I read, DirectX 10 won't even be capable of running on anything other than Vista. And DirectX 9.0L was supposed to be released at end of '05 but it appears that hasn't happened. That x800XL is just fine, my friend decided to "Upgrade" to a x850XT (not sure why) but he got a trade-in at bestbuy since he works there. I'd stick witht the XL 'til Vista.
  6. I have a questions about dx10? I have been saving money since the first geforce 7800 card came out. Well, just a few weeks ago i finially bought a 7800gt for 260 after all the rebates and stuff and now i am hearing about directx 10 and vista. People are saying we are going to need new video cards and i bought the 7800gt thinking it was going to last me at least 3 years. Does anyone know if directx 10 will be supported on cards already released like the 7800gt. I'm sure my video card and intel 630 cpu can hand vista, I just want to know because of games. I read the first directx 10 game is going to be cyrsis from the people who made far cry.
  7. Yeah.
  8. There are a hundred inexpensive fans that you could put on that card of yours..
  9. Hell, I bought a heatsink and fan from newegg for around 20$ before and it worked perfectly fine.
  10. Quote:
    Some people make me laugh as the X800 is a quality card and can still cost a small fortune so why not replace the fan?
    What Mort said. You can always replace just the fan without the heatsink. Me thinks you just want an excuse to get a new card, which is fine. Be honest. How much would a fan really cost?
  11. How old is the card?

    From ASUS:


    VGA Card

    3 Year

    All ASUS VGA cards purchased after January 1st, 2001 will carry 3 year limited warranty services. One year limited warranty is given for purchase made prior to 2001.
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