Entire Account Imploded for a Second

I just would like to know what happened/is happening.

I started up my computer as normal, and logged in to my account. But when I got there, all my quick-launch shortcuts had become file symbols (i.e. cannot be found) except for Mumble, oddly. All Windows settings had reset - there were no programs that started up upon log-in, default programs had nothing but the defaults associated with them, mouse acceleration/folder options had reset (and when I attempted to change folder options to view hidden files, there were NO advanced settings for folder options at all), the desktop was littered with default shortcuts, etc.

If I were to attempt to run something through the start menu search, nothing would come up. I had to redo all settings for Mumble, Steam, etc.

Stuff like that.

Then I restarted, and everything was normal.
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  1. Sounds like windows had a boot error. Restart would be the best option. If you afraid of anything bad happening, i would recommend back up your information. Plus thats something we all should do anyways.
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