AMD FX53 939pin SledgeHammer Core????

I have just finished reading the article on tomshardware about the AMD FX60. At the end of the article they give the AMD Processor Table. My CPU is not on it :?: :?: :?:

I have an AMD FX53 939pin chip with a sledgehammer core (revision SH-CG, 2.4Ghz), not a ClawHammer core. In the list the sledgehammer is a 940pin CPU. Also when i run RightMark Memory Analyzer v3.61 for the 1st time it dose not recognize my CPU. :evil:

What CPU have I got?? Is it rare or something :?: :?: :roll:
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  1. if you havnt yet, get cpu-z and that should show which proc you have...
  2. I could be wrong, but...

    The original FX chips were sledgehammers in 940-pin packages.

    I think when they introduced the 939-pin mainstream boards they produced a few cores using the older core but the newer package, but quite quickly switched to the next core, so didn't make very many. My guess is you've got one of those.

    About 60% knowledge, the rest is idle speculation. :?
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