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For a person who has difficulty making big decisions, choosing a new case for my new build has been a three month process. I'm looking for a good balance of quiet, aesthetics, and air cooling, with room to upgrade later.

I've narrowed it down to three that look promising:

Lian-Li PC-767

Lian-Li V1100 Plus (non-plus shown; plus has better cooling)

Antec Sonata II

CoolerMaster Stacker 830

and maybe the Lian-Li PC-6070 Plus

Does anyone have any of these and have an opinion? The PC-767 is in the lead so far.

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  1. i like the tsunami... i have one too.. the lain lai or however its spelled is known to be excellent cases, so if you dont like the look of the tsunami, and a removable mobo is somthing youd like to have, id go for the one at xoxide, pretty sweet looking... but this is of course up to you, only you can decide if u like the way it looks or not, there all good on cooling it just depends on how much u want to spend and whether or not you like the design... but remember, once the computer is in your case then you wont have to deal with it for a long time, so maybe the extra options (removable mobo, screwless design) arnt worth the extra money if ur on a budget since ull only be doing it once or twice with the same case, but by the looks of it you have money to spend on a good case, so go with whichever you like most...
  2. cases arnt my speciality at all, i dun care what the inside looks like since i have no window, as long as it looks good on the outside, doesnt weigh 70 pounds and doesnt scratch easily, the tsunami scratches fairly eaasy, but whatever, also the side panel is flimsy if you take it off a lot, but if not its fine. all i know is that lian li is a very good case company, i wanted one until i saw the pricetag... way too much money for a case, 200+ pffff unless it had watercooling id never be caught spending that much on a case, its like buying $15000 rims for your car, they add no performance its just bling...
  3. I recomend Cooler Master Praetorian 730 series I just purchased mine and the design is great. I looked at the stacker series but they seemed to weigh a ton and were almost too large. The only issue I have found with mine is the plastic funnel is not big enough to fit around my fat HS (Artic Cooler 64bit edition).
  4. The cost of a case is not an issue, as I am willing to pay whatever for a nice case that will last a good while. Each of those cases have a lot of good points. So tough to decide!
  5. Praetorian 730 purchased from I spent with shipping about $166.00. Compared to other cases I couldnt pass it up. Its not a BTX case but its best one I have seen and used.
  6. permot me to say a few words if i may but i think we are missing some very important factors when it comes to choosing a case.

    In as much as goodlooks and price are very stimulating factors ,of equal or even more importance is the fact airflow factor. it was briefly mentioned when the Tsunami was mentioned but sidelined again.

    A case MUST have a good intake and outlet. . most people recommend an outlet with a 12cm fan as it gushes out massive amounts of air at lower Rpms and lower noise levels, an intake infront is also imperative.
    other additonal ventilation pluses are aif the case has a ducted fan inlet over the processor area to ensure that cool air i drawn from outside directly to the processor and not recycled air. Similarly some cases have an intake above the area of the Graphic card anf a rig to put a 80cm fan to blow air on your hard disks too.

    The Antec peformance model meets all this criteria in my opinion.
  7. Whatever you do, DON'T GET THE PC-767! It's easily the best-looking, but its cooling is just uncharacteristically horrible. The best for its price would be the PC-6070. I've got one and I love it. Aesthetics and functionality. What else could you ask for?
  8. I give a thumbs up to the Thermaltake Armour, its classy in every way.

    Totally random post
  9. Quote:
    Cases with a front door really bugs for for some reason. I removed all doors from my cases.

    I have the same prejudice, if you can call it that. I don't like doors on my cases. I do have to say that the "quarter doors" or whatever you want to call them on the Thermaltake Armor don't bother me as much. I'm looking for a new case right now and I'm considering the Armor case, but I'm probably going to go with a Lian Li. It has the simple lines I like.
  10. i have build a new case with fiber glass.. and water cooling...u can buy that
  11. Thanks all! I went with the Lian-Li V1100Bplus, and am currently eagerly awaiting its arrival (10 more days or so) :wink: .

    My appreciation for all your insights and suggestions!

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