<prob fixed>> please -- is my motherboard DOA??

P-4 socket 478 / 533fsb / 512K
512MB PC2700 DDR

Thanks so very much for reading. I have read
up on the ECS L4VXA2 and I know it causes a lot of

I'm going to list below my "known"
items. I do really appreciate the input.

Symptom: With everything hooked up, trying to turn
the machine 'ON' results in zilch, nada, no fans,
no action, nothing.

(1) I do have both the 20-pin ATX1 and 4-pin ATX2
connectors plugged in.
(2) To eliminate the PSU as a problem, I have tested
the PSU on a power supply tester and it passed for
all six voltage rails.
(3) The memory is a PC2700 512MB stick which I used
previously, and in fact before putting into this ECS,
I ran it on several passes on MemTest86 to ensure
there were no errors.
(4) Just a side comment, I *believe* that even if
the memory module were not friendly, the motherboard
would still be able to power up and would beep on
that part of the POST involving memory module detection.
(5) The front power LED, when plugged into the panel
connector, lights up -- showing juice is running
through the length of the motherboard.
(6) I changed out power controller switch just
in case the switch on the case was bad. Still nada.
(7) I reset the CMOS and even changed the +3V battery.

If you can think of anything else, which would or
might result in total silence/nothing even though I
know the motherboard has a throughput of voltage,
I'd be grateful to learn more from your experience.
Thanks again! vois2@yahoo.com
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  1. Have you seen the newr AMD and Intel CPU.. And the new board.. Are they tempting you? If yes, then you could assume it is DOA. If no, then have a look at the capacitors.. Are they bulging?
  2. Have you tried a minimal setup on a non conductive surface, such as a phonebook, with just one stick of memory, video, and cpu/heatsink? This eliminates the possibility of something in the case that's touching the board preventing bootup.
  3. Thanks VERY much for your assistance thus far. I did as you instructed, and was able to get the motherboard to respond to a power switch 'ON'. The CPU fan started spinning (pleasantly quiet). Now, to figure out why or what was causing the problem when the mobo was previously seated in its case. Is there a 'more likely' spot than others to look for a location of something touching the mobo?

    Also, with the mobo out on top of a piece of cardboard, I was able to see that I clearly did not properly seat the AGP card previously, when everything was in the case. Would this have been enough to prevent any response from the mobo earlier? Thanks again so much. I'll post back as I learn more.
  4. Yes to the agp. If the video card isn't making good contact, you'll likely get a blank screen. Some cases are not quite square with the board, and some cards may not seat properly.
  5. Thanks to everyone who posted here. You helped me solve my problem with dead-on accuracy! I'm sure I'll be posting again as this is my first-ever build, and I have the VIA chipsets. Thank you again.
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