inspiron 5150 exernal battery charger

does anybody know where i can find a external battery charger for my dell inspiron 5150. my laptop works fine on battery power but will not charge or even work on AC power. I have been told to either buy a external charger or replace the motherboard.
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  1. Is the external power supply broken or the plug on the motherboard broken?
    Two options call dell or a local electronics shop.
    How are you charging your battery now?
  2. at first a center pin on the AC power supply was brocken , before i noticed the pin broken a freind of mine replaced the power jack rginking that it was the problem.At the time DELL would not sell then power jack so i went online and found an after market one.I had it replaced but i still have the problem. I don't use the laptop anymore since both my batteries are drained. the only way that i could use my laptop would be to charge batteries using an external charger or replacing the motherboard which is over three hundred dollars. i like the computer alot so i am trying to get it working while spending as little as possible. Any ideas anybody? t ,
  3. i dunno where to find a bat charger like that, but if u find 1 i have the exact same issue.........

    Easy as Dell.....yeah right!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i feel your pain man....... i have all my crap on that comp but now i gotta do everything on my 400 mhz desktop.... with windows 95 half my shit doesnt even work,

    dell is so easy until u have a prob with your comp, then they hurt ur wallet. they want $500 to fix the goddamn thing..... for $600 i can buy a new computer!!!!!!!!!!! mine was 2 yrs old in sept 2005, i loved the comp wen it worked!!!!!!
  4. I'm told that i have to buy a new motherboard, i'm still looking if i do find something i'll let you know. Right now i'm using another (why?) dell a latitude D505, but i like my 5150 better. Hell i might just use them both for fishing weights and get me an emachine or something.
  5. I am not using it now, sure dell will repair the problem and so will most shops but i don't have a few hundred dollars to spend on it.
    i have seen external chargers for other laptops so i'm just trying to find out if there is one out there for mine.
  6. Hi, I just became a member of this forum today. I am not sure if this will help you now. Just last week my power supply stopped working. The adapter is working fine but the battery would not recharge nor the computer would turn on. Then I also started looking for external battery chargers online.

    Today Luckily I came across a site. There is a class action suit against Dell regarding Inspiron 5150. You can have your laptop fixed for absolutely free!! for details pleas visit:

    I would also like you to tell any other dell inspiron 5150 owner about this site and if they have a problem with power supply, heating problem or the ac adapter they can get it repaired for free because of the extended warranty.

    Here is the link for external battery charger if you want to buy one:!!.html

    but I think you should rather call dell support and get your laptop's parts changed for free!! they sold us a FAULTY product. Now THEY should fix it!!!!

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