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Why does the Opteron have a 1000 Mhz FSB, while the Athlons 2000 Mhz. I am assuming this does not affect their performance, since I hear about how Opterons are better at overclocking. But why is it a thousand mhz lower. And how is that divided between the FSB and the multiplier?
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  1. The only speeds for HT to date, have been 800mhz and 1000mhz.
    When someone says it's a 2000mhz HT, they are talking bi-directional, but still only 1ghz.
  2. Do p4's still use the ol' 800in 400out FSB? or have they upgraded it to full speed both ways?
  3. To my knowledge Pentium still uses the same bus speeds. The only difference in the new cores is the move from 90nm to 65nm to help reduce the issues with power consumption and extreme heat issues. The architecture of the cores themselves is still for the most part the same.
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