CPU overheating?

Hi, I have an Pentium 4 3.0E ghz 478 cpu in a Soyo P4VTE Mobo and I am a little concerned about my CPU temperature. My average CPU temp is around 43C at idle and I have seen it get to a max (heavy load) 80C.
I have two 80mm case fans but that doesnt seem to help. What should I do?
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  1. Have you dusted your hsf lately? Dust buildup on the fins can cause your temps to rise.
    BTW, the soyo sensors are not generally too accurate. Try running prime95, and see what kind of temps you get. If it's higher than 80c, and still stable, your sensor is probably miss-reading.
  2. lol endyen... see that E next to his 3.0 that means its a "Press-hot".


    Prescott E -
    These are Intel's newest 0.09 micron technology CPUs, they're suppose to scale better than the 0.13 micron Northwoods, but the current C0 revision has a heat issue, therefore it's not a great overclocker compare to NorthwoodC, and these chips at the same frequency, performs worse than Northwood.

    They have a tendency to be a toaster.
    Personally if i had that cpu i'd upgrade my cooler from stock to something with a lot of copper on it.

    has it functioned normal before?
    it might just be dust or bad contact with the heatsink.
  3. Quote:
    lol endyen... see that E next to his 3.0 that means its a "Press-hot".

    Guess what? I knew that, see I'm not the moron...
    However, even a 3.4 scottie wont run@ 80c (for long)
    The 3ghz are reasonably cool, and if you can put up with the high pitched squeal from the fan, the stock hsf is good enough.
  4. Can you guys point me toward a good CPU HSF?
  5. Many P4 Prescotts will tend to run quite warm, unless using a very good heat-sink compound, or, better yet, the thermal compound the comes with the factory sink....it's good stuff! (The run of the mill, average "pookey" can indeed cause clock throttling thru insufficient heat transfer)
  6. i would go with something that has a lot of copper on it like a xp90 c


    and get some Arctic Silver thermal paste with that.


    if u want a powerfull fan... somewhere in the 3k-6k rpm range,
    you'll need a speed controller for sure.

    endyen, i never said you were a moron. lighten up.
  7. Sorry wrong post :oops:
  8. Quote:
    Can you guys point me toward a good CPU HSF?

  9. I just dusted off my HSF and now my CPU temp doesnt go above 60C. I ran Super Pi and Prime 95 (100% CPU usage) for 30 min. and it still only got up to 60C.
  10. well, there you go.
  11. Congrats.

    Dust is quite the enemy of PCs.
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