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I've just finished building my PC and I'm almost happy. I tried to save some cash on the RAM by buying some value Crucial ram and I've learnt the hard way as I have to run it at around 173Mhz to get it to work at HTT 260.

The rest of my spec is good so I've decided to upgrade the ram as it was a bad idea trying to save cash.

My spec is in my sig - what ram would you recommend? Ideally I would like something I can clock up to 260-280Mhz if it it exists and doesn't cost more than £150-200 for 2x1GB.

From reading other forums, my A8R-MVP seems to have problems with clocking ram over 250Mhz but I'm going to replace it as soon as a better crossfire board comes out (got my eye on the abit at8) or hopefully asus will fix the problem in a bios update.

Or, am I using the wrong latency timings on my ram? At the moment I'm running 3-4-4-8 2T. I'm pretty green at this overclocking lark so it could be me.
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  1. I managed to get it up to 320 but 265x10 is my best cpu clock/most stable
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