Could my Video Card be causing this?

My computer will not start, a familiar problem with many im sure. Ive been going crazy trying to figure out this problem, replacing my mobo, mem, checking my psu and every connection known to man.

I just noticed that my video card has a broken solder joint and needs to be replaced. Upon starting my PC the fans start up as they should, but there is NO activity shown by the case LEDS and the beep start up sequence does not occur (no beeps at all) and no display is output to my monitor.

Could this problem be caused by the video card or does my processor (the only thing i havent replaced other than video card) have something to do with this too?

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  1. Have you tried replacing you CMOS battery?

    also your PSU could not be supplying the right amount of power to run your memory or hd or cup.

    try replacing the video card with a compatible card. that is if you are not getting a image.
  2. Could be lots of stuff. If it doesn't even beep, seems like a BIOS problem, but I could be wrong. Since you said that the mobo was replaced, I'd lean toward the processor myself.
    But, like NewPC said, try a compatible card if you have one on hand. If it works, you just found your problem. Processors are more of a pain to switch out.
    Anyway, good luck.
  3. Could be *ANYTHING*.
  4. Probably your video card is defective and dead 'cause you said it has a broken solder joint try replacing it.
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