Mini Pod M9-DX Hard Drive Enclosure

This trendy External Hard Drive Enclosure supports ATA Drives. I was wondering if it is possible to fit a ATA-to-SATA adapter somewhere in the case, like this one:

Anybody know if this will work?
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  1. The drive you mention in the subject is an ATA external drive. It will have fittings inside to put an ATA100/133 HD inside, which then hooks up to the chasis. You then plug this into your computer via USB2 or Firewire.

    What has the ATA to SATA converter got to do with the price of fish?
  2. Errr....I was wondering as to whether I can mount a SATA Drive in the hard drive enclosure using a SATA-to-ATA (or ATA-to-SATA?) adapter. Sorry if I wasn't clear enough.
  3. You'd need to get a SATA to ATA bridge connector, then also find some way of powering the device.

    You'd be better off geting a cheap ATa drive. You;d be limited by the 400 - 480 mb/s rate of the firewire/USB2 port anywat, so no point....
  4. Do you think the SATA-to-ATA Adapter would work for this? Any reason why it shouldn't?
  5. The device shown converts an ATA drive to be read on a SATA interface. You need a device that converts a SATA drive to an ATA interface.

    You also need to power the device via a floppy power lead (ie the ones you plug into an internal floppy drive).

    To sum up, you need two things

    1. The external caddy
    2. A SATA drive to ATA interface, NOT the interface shown.
    3. A way of powering the interface, in addition to the external caddy.
  6. Three thing..... DOH!!!!
  7. Ok Thanks. I can power it fine. And the device shown converts SATA Hard Drive to IDE Host:

    "The Serial ATA (SATA) Hard Drive to IDE Adapter is a small adapter/converter, which allows users to connect any Next Generation SATA Hard Disk drive to the IDE / EIDE Host adapter/controller"

    So, all that is left to do is try to fit it all in this tiny thing
  8. I think the device is designed to sit on the motherboard and convert your ATA 133/100 port into a SATA port. It should work, if you can power it, and get it to sit inside the caddy.

    Why not just buy an IDE drive? The performance will be the same as SATA. It's not llike you can take advantage of NCQ or the fast bus speed. the $43 would half pay for one.....
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