Memory and computer (variation on a theme)

A computer is an information processing device.

Can you have information withtout memory?

No memory=no information=not a computer!!

Memory= on/off switch, paper, flipflop, etc.

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  1. Quote:
    Can you have information withtout memory?

    I believe that you cannot have information without memory. If you consider information as a set of instructions or even more simply 'data', something must store the data (memory) for it to exist. The storage medium is the memory. If the storage medium is a permanent integrated circuit which is set to operate to give certain outputs based on certain inputs the memory is the configuration of the circuit and the information is the output of the circuit.

    If you change the configuration of the circuit so that the output no longer correlates with specific input 'the information' no longer exists in the output of that circuit. Some information may exist in the output of the changed circuit but it is not specifically 'the information'.
  2. Ok Then.....?? LOL, Thats An Odd Subject (No Offence)
  3. Thanks for the inputs. I should have posted to one of the other oolceeoo tread I guess.

    This idea of computer without memory just does not make any sense to me no mater how hot the circuit is or how long the explanation is.

  4. LOL, Exactly, LOL
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