New Guy with AN35N-Ultra Question.


have a question that im hoping someone will have the answer too.

im trying to add a raid card to my board for additional Hdd's...from what i understand the board supports raid (am i wrong?). the pc starts up then i get the "press f3" screen. windows loads up, I login, and try installing the driver for the raid card. then all goes to hell....the pc freezes...have to shutdown and restart, then windows frezzes while loading.
am i doing something wrong by trying to add the card as a new device?

ive uninstalled the Nvida IDE drivers, ive gotten rid of the drivers that windows didnt like, ive moved the card to a different PCI slot, even checked for IRQ conflict (which i realized didnt matter becuase the driver is what is messing up the system)...sigh...ive tried multiple begining to think the board doesn't support raid...which im not really sure of in the first place since ive lost my booklet and the Shuttle website is not all that discriptive about it.

My PC:
420w Power Supply
Mobo Shuttle AN35n-Ultra
AMD Athalon XP 2500+
512 ddr 2700
2 80gig hdd's WD and Maxtor
Sony DVD
Lite-On DVD burner
SB Live! +MP3 5.1
TV Terminator Capture Card
Running Windows XP Pro SP2

Trying to Add:
Manhattan Mercury Ultra 133 Raid Controller PCI Card.

Any Help would be greatly appreciated. If more info is needed ill be happy to oblige.
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  1. I have the same board, just dug out my manual, and there is no mention of RAID, either supporting , or not. I would guess that since it isnt mentioned, it probably isnt supported. Hope that helps
  2. If you're having trouble with drivers for a "Generic" RAID controller, consider getting a proper RAID controller from a company such as Promise, Areca, 3Ware or Adaptec. These are well-supported controller manufacturers, and their hardware typically just works. They come with drivers, instructions, etc.
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