To Overclock or not? Athlon 64 3000+, Venice Core

So, I just decided I'd like to overlcok just a bit. My sysyem is an AMD Athlon 64 3000+ Vencie Core with a 939 motherboard made by Biostar. It runs great. CPU idles at 22 degrees celcius, max loads about 28-30. Stock heatsink and fan.

So, should I overclock? And if so, how much would you sugest?
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  1. "Lower your RAM-FSB divider and HTT multiplier if you're going over 240Mhz.

    He'll be lowering the RAM freq *well* below 240 MHz without some *serious* quality RAM...

    The BIOSTAR socket 939 mbs are not historically known for stellar OC ability, but, hitting a 10% OC may be quite do-able....
  2. to not overclock should be illegal.
    all venices should hit 2.4-3.0ghz easy
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