2 74GB Raptors in RAID 0 or 1 150GB Raptor by itself?

New Raptor 150GB or 2 74GB Raptors in Raid 0?
The price is the same....about $300.

Which set up will give me the fastest HD set up? A new single 150GB Raptor with a 16MB buffer? Or 2X74GB Raptors with 8MB buffers in a RAID 0 array?

Thanks for any insight you can provide!

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  1. "Which set up will give me the fastest HD set up?"

    The RAID "O" array with a pair of 74gB Raptors will always be faster than any single drive, even with the single drive itself merely a larger Raptor...

    (Benchmarks show them roughly equal in transfer rates, with the smaller units sometimes even having an edge...comparing them with the 74GB units in a RAID O, there would be no comparison...)

    That being said though...

    There are a number of 200-400GB SATA 150 (think Seagate barracuda!)drives beginning to knock on the RAPTORs proverbial door, and you might be able to assemble a still ultra-fast and large RAID O array with one of these for as much money thru careful shopping....
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