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I've been asked to help a disabled friend fix her daughter's laptop. It works - but both of them haven't used it for a while and cannot remember either of the 2 logon passwords.

My experience with Windows 7 is limited, so I thought I could just log on as Administrator (hoping there wouldn't be a password as many people don't set one), but I can't see how to see the Administrator account in 7 - I have only accessed it in Windows XP.

I have seen that there are password recovery/reset programs available on the web, but am nervous of using them as some of them say that they may prevent access to some files.

Is there a way to log on without knowing either user password ? I would really appreciate your advice as her main computer is very slow and doens't have working sound at the moment.

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  1. There won't be an Administrator password unless the system was installed by a particularly vicious individual. :D

    To enable the System Administrator account, you need the Command Prompt at which you type the following, and the capital A is crucial here.

    net user Administrator {yourname} {yourpassword} then hit Enter.

    Then type

    Net user Administrator active:yes

    and hit Enter, type Exit to close the Command form and restart the system. If the syntax above isn't totally precise, type net user Administrator /? for the help menu - I'm not in a W7 system at the moment to check my facts but those are the basics.

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  3. You're only solution is Ophcrack and even that might not work. You could always set the laptop back to the way it came from the factory.
  4. Ophcrack is a password cracker. You need a password remover. Go to **** and see if the trial version will work. A free remover is at The last comment says it worked for Win7.
  5. Hi - Thanks for your replies. Is it possible to get to the Command Prompt if I cannot log onto either account ? I've tried Safe Mode, but even that asks for user passwords, which I don't have. There doesn't seem to be an option in the Startup menu to go to Command Prompt only.

    I will check out the password recovery system from the website mentioned by turk_1000. I was keen to try Ophcrack - but there doesn't seem to have a LiveCD option for Windows 7 - only for XP and Vista. The other option seems to be a program which needs a logon to run.

    If you can offer any further assistance, please do reply.

  6. Despite what Saga Lout posted, no you can't get to a command prompt without a password. Try the Vista version of Ophcrack or the Offline NT Password & Registry Editor.
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