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If a question is not answered in one forum what is the protocol to re-post in a different forum? (i.e. a qeustion about cases posted in "general homebuild" and "cases")

Also, if there is a thread and I have another question that is going off on a tangent is it acceptable to start a new thread or just keep the old one going? My concern is if it is an old thread and I have a comment on a particular message that the person I am responding too will not read it from an old thread (unless he/she had email notification turned on).

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  1. I'd say go for it. Don't see a problem with that, I often find the same question repeated over several forums.

    If it's still on topic, I'd ask the "other" question in the same thread, instead of spamming which may just look like.. spam.. and prevernt users from reading your post.

    Just my 2 cents
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