My samsung n140 will not reboot from USB

Hello, my netbook will not load windows since an avg update. I am trying to reboot from a USB stick. When I f2 and choose usb hdd then save the computer just asks me to remove the device and press any key before it will go any further.
Please help
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  1. What operating system do you have installed to the Flash Drive? How did you go about setting it up? If you didn't install an OS properly to your flash drive, your system won't find the boot information it needs and will assume that the device is not bootable.
  2. I run Windows 7 OS.

    I am a relative novice but keen to use this as a learning opportunity and would be very grateful of any guidance or signposting to where I can get the information needed.

    Basically, my samsung n140 netbook has AVG free on it since I brought it last year.
    When AVG was updating the laptop powered down and now windows will not load up.

    What I have tried so far............

    .......I have downloaded AVG recovery CD (for USB stick) to my other computer,

    I purchased a Sandisk blade 4GB USB and formatted in CMD prompt:
    -list disk
    -selected disk
    -create partition primary
    -select partition
    -format fs=fat32

    once complete, I extracted the downloaded file to the USB stick.

    I put this in my netbook fired it up, F2, then selected to boot from USB HDD , F10 to save.

    The computer then would then attempt to load but stopped and asked me to remove the device before it would continue.

    What am I doing wrong? I feel I am close but missing something important.

    Very grateful of any advice.

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