Asrock Dual939 SATA2

I have just bought a Geforce 6800 GS XXX PCIe, which ran great on my computer:

Athlon 64 3200
1gb ddr 400 Ram
Asrock Dual939 SATA2 Motherboard
160gb HDD
500w power supply

All was working well until i had a problem with my memory so after reading a few forums i decided to upgrade my bios to version 1.5. After doing so all the settings were reset (as i new they would be) so i set them all back to normal or so i thought, but somthing is wrong, i was getting 12000 on 3d mark 03 now at most i get 8000, with some settings i get as low as 2000.

Does anyone have any idea's how to fix this? Am i just missing a setting in the bios? I have the latest drivers and i've also tried earlier versions none of which work.

Thanks for any help
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  1. I would suggest re flashing the bios if you are seeing a big performance hit it games. Some times bios are funny about letting go of old programs. If only 3dmark I wouldnt worry about it.

    How do you like the ULi chipset, other than this problem?
  2. I have tried version 1.10, 1.20, 1.30, 1.40 and 1.50. no change.
  3. Did you try flashing the same version twice??
  4. i have used ver 1.3 twice
  5. Im saying flash 1.5 then flash 1.5 again.
    Try clearing cmos by upplugging the computer and press the power button to clear the capacitors then remove the battery for 2mins or so then replace.
  6. ok i'll try doing that . i have removed the battery and cleared the cmos already but not straight after re-flahing the bios. thanks

    have you had problems like this in the past?
  7. Yes, problems after flashing and settings not staying the bios.
    Performance penalty nope.
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