Memory config on EP9NPA+ Ultra

Trying to put together a new gaming machine on a budget and the EP9NPA+ Ultra looked to be a great deal.

My question here is I wanted to use 2 gigs of memory, 2x1GB, but saw in the specs of the board that Dual Channel only works with 2x512.

So is it better to have less memory and use Dual Channel, or have the extra 1 GB and not?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Where did you read that?
  2. Looked up the manual for the board on Epox web site.
  3. Has anyone else verified this? I haven't found anything like this in my manual.

    I am getting ready to do some upgrading here. I am looking for 2gig memory as well...and would like to use dual channel. We gonna get stuck using 4 sticks vs 2 in this board ?
  4. I have it. Recognizes 2x1gb ram perfectly.

    Still gotta work on those timings, I've been working on OCing the CPU and GPU and will go back to those last.
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