no idea whats wrong wit p4 3.2

got a question, after runnin my pc for a couple hours and my temps hit about 52-56 celcius my cpu speed goes from 3.2 (stock) to 1.7-2.2ghz any idea why this is happening? not doing any intese gaming, just browsing the web and running aim, compents are in my sig for those that want to s it
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  1. That could be the speedstep function kicking in. When your computer isn't under any real demand it will underclock the processor to reduce power consumption. It works very much like cool and quiet does for AMD.
  2. true, but the program that i use shows auctly usage and it has never droped below 3.2 before, it might be theroticly clocking slower, but alwayz shows right aroudn 3.2, and even when i turned that off it was doin the same thing
  3. Well, its not due to heat. Prescott's start underclocking near 67C

    Celeron (prescotts cores) start underclocking just a bit higher...71C I think (lack of cache really helps)
  4. virus maybey? i overclocked one time, but core was at 23 celcius cuz i did it outside in winter, but i dont think that hurt nething, might be northbridge heating up though
  5. Try turning power options in device manager to always on. It probably wont help, but it wont hurt.
    Giving your hsf a good clean is in the same catagory.
  6. tried it didnt do much, but some other stuff keeps flipin out, considering wiping and restarting, video drivers wont stay installed, ect., so any other sugestions?
  7. That is a different story. Sounds like a remote admin. You may be being hacked.
  8. so ur sayin that my low clock speed is cuz im bein hacked?ive alwayz had driver issues, and i have nvidias anithacker friewall up (no idea how good it is), and is there neway to fix it? more or less, am i bein hacked or just a bad build
  9. A hacker could use clockgen to alter your speed. He could also uninstall drivers, or install incompatable ones. I use a router, and software to firewall, but was still hacked once.
    Either way, your best bet is to start with a clean install.
  10. I Know The Problem!!... Its A Pentium (No, J/K) Wait... Your CPU Is Hitting That High A Temp During Web Surfing? (Just Need Ta Know, Because I Have A Theory)
  11. You seem to have a more serious problem!

    Your PC shouldn't be hitting 52-56C while surfing the web!!!

    Are your fans spinning? Is your heatsink installed correctly?

    You might want to install clamwin and avg to check for viruses.

    and spybot search and destroy + adaware to check for spyware.

    Good Luck!
  12. The Prescotts require some high quality thermal paste on the core to properly transfer heat to the heatsink....

    A while back, they experienced clock-throttling with nearly all Prescotts until they switched to using Intel's supplied thermal appears they (Intel)know what they were doing...(The 'brand name' pastes were not cutting it!)
  13. his temps look fine compared to my system which idles at 50-52 degrees C

    my prescott doesn't throttle until it hits high seventies... then increases throughout the 80's and doesn't allow the temp to go past the 90'c mark

  14. I believe you are wrong, my tests indicate the 3.2 does not underclock till it hits 80C.

    I have a Prescott 3200 478pin CPU and mine runs at around 58C and under load gets close to 70C...
    Throttling of the CPU does not occur till you reach 80C, which is reaching the danger range.
  15. sry its taken me so long, 64bit os is havin some trouble and my cpu temps are hittin high 80s now, no idea whats wrong plz help, tried everything i no of, and that 80 temp is wit everything outside of the case
  16. What is your FSB set at in the BIOS? Is AIoverclocking turned on?

    What kind of cooler and thermal compound did you use?

    Did you buy your CPU retail boxed or OEM?
  17. no overclocking, usin intels stuff bout to go get some other stuff cuz it aint workin, maxed out at about 178, near threshold, so im a lil worried and cpu is retail not oem
  18. Quote:
    no overclocking, usin intels stuff bout to go get some other stuff cuz it aint workin, maxed out at about 178, near threshold, so im a lil worried and cpu is retail not oem

    The stock cooler is supposed to be sufficient and the thermal paste is supposed to be pretty good.... dunno....

    If you do go with aftermarket I would suggest one of the coolers below:

    minus the VGA and misc coolers of course.

    The 120mm one is quite large so please check to make sure it will fit.

    The smaller version should work too.

    Do you have power management turned off?

    What kind of motherboard do you have?

    What are your overall system specs? mobo, RAM, PSU, HDDs, etc.

    Semper Fi Linux on! :D
  19. the compents are in my sig, got watercooling now so everything is alright runnin 100 ferenhit idle hehe, not bad for me, neway thanks for that cared
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