Sup,should upgrade dis or throw it out my window and buy new

I got P4 3E Ghz
1GB of ram w/ insane timing 2-3-3-6 (kingmax/NCP)
old GF 5200 by pa.. li... :roll: wat? hm... palit?
SATA1- 80GB/ 40GB Samsung both 7200rpm
should I upgrade? or buy new
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  1. Double The RAM, Upgrade Video Card, Possibly OC Processor...Or Throw Out The Intel-Crap And Go With A 64-Bit AMD System
  2. Yeah!!! Do what Hella-D suggested :D

    Throw the Intel out the window and get AMD!

  3. LOL, Thanks For Agreing
  4. It's hard not to agree with you when you're absolutely right :D

    Live long and prosper.
  5. Maybe I'll upgrade my video card but I'm n budget? my MB only support AGP dat suck, should I go for 6800GT, 6800LE, 6600GT?
  6. 6800GT = Ok

    6800LE = BAD

    6600GT = Ok

    AGP of course
  7. Ok, I pick 6600GT cheaper than 6800GT
    and I will double my ram 2gig Yeeeeyyy..
    Thanks guys!!!..... :D
  8. "my MB only support AGP dat suck, should I go for 6800GT, 6800LE, 6600GT?"

    Find an AGP 6800GS....around $ GT performance for much less money!
  9. I'm worried about this coming Direct X 10
    Holy moly moly
  10. try and get a 6800gt or gs because they have more pipes, which = better performance... 6600 is stuck with 8 pipes, 6800gt has 16 and 6800gs has 12, its worth the lil extra for a better performance, plus the 256 mb video memory. also the 6800 has 256 bit, i believe the 6600 is 128
  11. Maybe dis month i will upgrade my video card and ram
    Thanks guys
  12. if u have nothing against ati look at the x800xt AIW, they sell on newegg for 230ish after rebate... VERY good deal, faster than a 6800gt for less, plus it comes with tv tuner and such...
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