10 min boot time if I power down and restart

Hi there,

I built my own machine a year ago and in the last two months, I have been having problems booting up. If I power off, then turn on my computer later, it takes 5-10 minutes for it to reboot. I get the bios screen, the windows xp corp screen, and then it all goes black. After 10 mins my desktop image comes on, and I hear the little windows music, but I can only see my walpaper and nothing else happens for a few more mins until finally its ready.

I disconnected all peripherals - game pad, printer, scanner etc... Uninstalled an old CD Rom that was acting flaky, reformated the harddrive and it still does it. It started off doing it randomly but now it happens every time.

I have Intel P4 300 GHz. 1.5 Gig ram. Gefore FX5200. Xp Corp Edition with SP2.

Any thoughts are appreciated.
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  1. When it does come up, see if you can jump into see what all processes are running, looking for any unordinary xxx.exe progs running...sounds like your computer is/might be infected....
  2. I thought that too put it did it after I reformated. I also have looked under msconfig and don't see anything unusual.

    My mom had a similar problem on her emachines computer and it turned out to be her scanner. Don't know what else I could unplug that might be causing it.
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