1gb vs. 2gb and 4X512mb vs. 2X1gb stick configurations

Ok, so I am building a computer, and have learned a lot about them in the process. Before I buy the parts, (which are listed here) I want to know if with the system I am getting, aimed at gaming and not much else besides work and internet, if 2gb is necessary. I know corsiar XMS is good stuff, however, should I get 1gb, or 2gb? Will I see a noticable performance increase with 2gb?

Second question, does the configuration of the memory matter very much, meaning if I get 1gb, should I get a stick or two 512mb sticks? I know that 4 sticks of 512mb I would have to change stuff in the BIOS. And, is there something wrong with running 1.5gb or memory? Like, could I just get a gb now, and if I think my computer could use more space, I could get another 1/2gb, or does memory not work that way?

Lastly, since I hope I am getting a good enough mobo to make OCing not too hard, is OCing memory difficult/bad for it...how does it work. OCing a CPU is easy enough--its this many ghz more and it works fine...is OCing memory similar? Thanks guys
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  1. Switching from two to four sticks doesn't require changing settings in the BIOS...

    Also, it's been said that four stick actually perform slightly better than two, but I doubt you'll ever notice the difference.

    You'll definitely want to get dual channel at some point. If you only want to get a GB of RAM now, get two sticks of 512. If you want more later, you can upgrade to two more sticks (in most motherboards) to have up to 3GB. 3GB of ram will outlast your motherboard, and probably even the DDR1 specification.
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