Destination Folder Access Denied

I'm working as Guest under Windows 7 Ultimate. I have a USB hard disk with 2 partitions connected to the computer. All NTSC. "Security Information" shows exactly the same usernames with the same rights and the same ownership for both partitions. The problem is, I can write without problems to one of the partitions, but not to the other. It say "DESTINATION FOLDER ACCESS DENIED".
Any hint what can cause that behavior?
Thanks, John
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  1. I assume you mean that the partition type on the USB drive is "NTFS"?

    Can you post a screenshot of the advanced security dialogue box for both folders?

    - right-click the folder and select "Properties"
    - click the "Security" tab
    - click the "Advanced..." button

    Another thing you can do is to check the "Effective Permissions" tab in the same dialogue box. The folder might be inheriting permissions from an ancestor which override the ones set on the folder itself.
  2. thanks for the answers. Sure NTFS, I was just working with videos...
    I haven't tried the "Effective Permissions" yet, but will do.
    Couldn't find any virus or malware.
    Here is a screenshot of the Advanced Security permissions:
  3. After restarting Windows everything seems to be normal again. No access to neither of the partitions as a Guest user. And indeed my question should have been, why did I have write access to the one partition at all.
    The folder I put onto it is still there so it wasn't only a dream. And the snapshot was from the time I could write to the one partition. But as usual with windows I should have been more patient. Many problems are vanishing after a restart. Nevertheless thanks for your help, John
  4. there is no option of security when I right click on usb drive please help......
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