Since this is a new section, lets have a thread for the best gaming video card. No flaming, just straight up stats and opinions.

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  1. Nice flame bait there.

    I personally use a 3dfx v5 5500 agp. It works for me. enough said

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  2. In may primary machine I have a Asus GeForce 256DDR card. The only complaint I have from this card is the color is not as crisp.

    My secondary machine runs a ATI Rage128 32MB
    Yeah it's slow but it's my backup machine, I use it to play DVD's. The color is much more crisp.

    I just ordered a Radeon LE. I'll let you know how it is.

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  3. I don't flame, never have, never will.

    I'm dead serious. Right now I'm running a V3-3000 and I'm looking to upgrade (as I'm sure others are) so I'm curious. I'm looking at the GeForce2 series right now. I'll probably get the Ultra at the end of the summer since this seems to be the best for games...but I'd love to hear otherwise since I haven't decided yet.

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  4. I'm using a GTS, and it's running just ducky. Still have 2 voodoo2 12mb cards in the closet with a sli cable, but they don't like my millenium2/a7v133, so I don't use them. They don't seem to like the ati rage 128 either.....
  5. GF2 Ultra.

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  6. i just have to tell ya that while the radeons arent the fastest cards, the definitely are the prettiest and nicest looking. and unless you care about having 100fps vs. 140fps (which doesnt even matter since your refresh rate is prolly at aroune 75hz) id say the radeons are very nice alternatives to GF2s.

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  7. I would have a very hard time buying a Voodoo card at this point. I've used them in the past but not only are they power hungry (not good for my poor over-stocked Athlon) but 3dfx seems to be on it's death bed.
  8. 3DFX died a while back. They got bought out. You can't get new drivers or anything. It sucks now owning a voodoo3 since the latest drivers released by x3dfx can run sacrifice for example, but then I have to revert to the latest official drivers for other games like Alice.

    So basically that is why I'm upgrading and why I thought this was a good place for this thread.

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  9. The nicest looking is the Guillemot Hercules Prophet II
    with its blue board and blue HSF!
    What a beauty!!

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  10. I could only afford the gts 32mb. I got one from MSI for 140$. I works for me!!!! I know it's not the best but, I own it.

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  11. Risking being laughed at, my to PC's now are Running: One (main one) with a Graphics Blaster Riva TNT (TNT 16 MB) and a Viper V330 (Riva128ZX 8MB) I'm also looking for upgrades (ya' think so?) and i'm quite interested in the Hercules 3D Prophet 4500 64MB (Kryo II) Is it good? Will it improve my performance? What does anybody recommend to play Jane's USAF or Final Fantas 7 or Half-Life?
  12. Ill sell ya my radeon when i get a GF3. Comes overclocked for only $100, ewwwww prettttty.

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  13. i like my radeon 32ddr

  14. My Leadtek Geforce 2 Pro 32mb is good no problems about 80-100 fps in quake 3 1280x1024 everything to max.
  15. Im getting GF3 with my new computer i figured it would be worth the $20 more then the GF2 Ultra

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  16. Man do u live in the past??
    Voodoo is fake!!!

    Look at the special techniques, not even a match for the worse GeForce 2 MX PCI!!!!

    ATI RADEON 7500 and 8500 are the one and only WINNERS!!

    Wait a half year and then the RADEON 9500 comes out!!!
    256 DDR RAM!!!
    Now THAT is the pot calling the kettle black.

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  18. Any of the Gainward "Golden Sample" series cards, I have a GF2MX400 in one machine and a GF3 in the other and they both overclock like crazy and and priced pretty good.

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  19. Martinique...what's wrong with u man....
    i've noticed u've been busy answering threads posted like 4 months ago....hell..some are even a year old.....
  20. well, i certainly dont know whats best... in fact im more sure that there is no "best", but i'll share what i have... i have the geforce 256ddr in my system and i think it looks great, i run everything at 1024 32, including wolfenstein, serious sam 2, max payne... you get the picture. i just put together a system for my brother using the leadtek geforce 3 ti200 and ive never seen anything like it! things look "real" if that makes any sense. anyway, it was only $160 retail so how can you lose. before i get ripped by ati guys, i admit that unfortunately i have never seen/used one of their products. this is just my own experience.

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  21. i love my Gainward GF2 Ti .. sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet 4ns memory ..arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  22. did i mension i also own a TNT2 M64 .
    not sweet
  23. back off man! im still using my tnt2 m64. hell... i play rtcw, moh and max payne on that puppy. i cant run 1600x1200 res but it still runs alright at 600x800, and half-life runs fine at 1024x768 (which is what i mostly play).
  24. i've got a Hercules Prophet GF2 mx400 in my machine, and it runs Half life mods about the best those games can be run, i have no complaints there, 100 fps @ 800x600 everything maxed (trilinear filtering, etc). It even runs RTCW and Q3 really well too. In q3DM i get 160-200+ fps all the time. In really big games with lots of action it sometimes drops to 100 fps, but thats' not even noticable.
    All in all, this is a cheap card with great performance, and its all you need if you gaming needs are like mine (counterstrike, TFC, Q3)
  25. ATi Radeon 64MB DDR VIVO

    Love the card... runs everything at 1280x1024 with decent framerates.

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  26. my TNT2 M64 suck because it's a PCI version
  27. Me too, I have a ATi Radeon 64MB DDR VIVO

    Love it...I run every thing a 1200x1600 and I runs great.
  28. Hehehe, i just added a A7N266-E board to the mix here, went from a Radeon AIW 32MB DDR to a geforce3 ti200 64MB DDR. the Nforce chipset contains a Geforce2 MX that shares as much as 32MB of the system's twinbank DDR RAM.
  29. Just upgraded from a Voodoo 2 to PNY GF4 MX440. UT, QIII & Mech 4 are awesome with the new card. I wanted the Ti series but I wanted to eat this month

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  30. I have a 3DProphet 4500 64mb meself, no video-out... no need for a TVout (whats the point when U have a good monitor... dont know about performance for Halflife but Max Payne is v. nice looking except at maximum detail (and I mean turn everything on !!! @ 1074x768x32)...

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  31. 10ghz, mines PCI also. Maybe i just think its good cause i just dont know any better. Im FINALLY getting a gf2 gts next weekend so i guess ill see then! ;)
  32. Well what's you budget? Since you're aiming for the GF2 Ultra, I'll guess you have at least that much moola. I'd recommend a GF4 Ti4200 64MB when it comes out because the benchmarks show it whooping everything except for the R8500 sometimes and the higher GF4 cards. They'll be prices @ about $160 which isn't bad at all. Also what's you system specs?
  33. Do you realize this is a year old thread?

    :wink: <b><i>"A penny saved is a penny earned!"</i></b> :wink:
  34. Whoah... nope never noticed that. That's why everyone here never talked about GF4s and had old cards... I was like, why is no one recommending the GF4s? That was a long time ago..... Well I never look at the dates of the thread anyways..
  35. LOL! :tongue:

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  36. LOL. Thanks for the help, but I got my card a while back :)

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  37. Out of curiousity, what did you get? :smile:

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  38. LOL

    If you can find it on the internet, it HAS to be true! :smile:
  39. Way back then I got the Gainward GeForce2 Pro and I overclocked it to 240/505. It's more than enough for the time being.

    Gainwards are really nice. I'll go with them again next time, unless I go for ATI of course.

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  40. Ahh, the time that has past. Why did this thread get up so high in my screen? I though these ones would be the newer ones.... And sorry couldn't have helped you before, but a year ago, [joke] I didn't even know that the internet existed! (Drum and cymbal) :] [/joke] No, I did but I didn't know Tom's Hardware Guide existed. No joke.
  41. I have a GF2 64MB DDR and games run great!! If you have the money invest in either a GF4 TI4400 ot TI4600. That would be my choice.

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  42. Did you fall victim to this thread too? :smile:

    It's an old thread that keeps getting bumped. I'm fine with my GF2 for now. I'll upgrade when UT2 and similar games come out.

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  43. Your thread is over a year old now. :cool:

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  44. This has got to be some kind of record...
  45. I agree. I haven't found a longer one yet!

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  46. The List is older. There are two parts.

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  47. I thought the first list was locked. This one isn't.

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  48. Yeah, but I ended it since it was so long and started a second part. Fredi was nice enough to lock it so it didn't get bumped. I suppose I could have just kept it going but it was insanely long.

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  49. Ok, I know I shouldn't even ask this question, but how big a difference is there between a GF4 and a GF2? These new games look awesome on my rig, but I'm curious if it's just because I don't know the difference.

    Take Dungeon Siege for example. Will a new card have more effects than I'm seeing or what?

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