I little Invalid System Disk Problem In Win9x

My friend wants me To fix his computer, Some how he deleted the system files for Windows to startup, Anybody know the files/settings Win98/ME needs to use to startup. I know Simply install Windows will fix the problem but Theres not enough HDD space to Install it for some reason and I wanna do It with out deletign a buncha crap(I need to free up 400 megs and I dont know the setup of his system). Thnx in advance. P.S. It says Invalid System Dics, Please Insert Boot Disc. Just wanted to Clarify It more.
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  1. I know this may sound a little simple but I have seen this happen again and again people leave a non system disk in the floppy or change the boot properties in the bios check the floppy drive first and remove any floppies that may be in it . Then reboot if that was not the problem see if his boot is set to boot from cdrom first in bios and set it to boot from first hard disk. Also if that dosent work use his windows 98 startup disk if 1 was made if not make 1 and see if you can find out what is on his boot drive . something like this dir/w/p which will give you a directory of the boot drive in a wide and pause screen so you can see what is on there .

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  2. BTW did you tried to make a sys d: command with the ME boot disk? it's some crap about ramdisk bein the c: drive :)))
    and other sys.com says incorrect win version..
  3. Replacing the following files will get rid of that message, however you might get more errors if more files have been deleted.


    Make sure you copy them from a computer with the same version of windows.

    If you have a Windows startup disk, boot from it and then type <b>sys c:</b> - this will replace the above files.
    If you don't have one, you can make one on another computer, just make sure it's the same version of windows.
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