croos crimping cables....

i have cross crimped the cables, i also get the link light on the lan card, so does that mean the connection between our two comps is on, also the cross crimping is as:
how do i proceed from here.
my OS is win 98.
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  1. <A HREF="" target="_new">This should help.</A>

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  2. so i have got the crimping part right.
    i will post the items in my network window:
    1) client for microsoft network
    2) microsoft family logon
    3)dial up adapter
    4)dial up adapter #2 (VPN support)
    5)(lan card) ethernet adapter
    6) microsoft virtual private networking adapter
    7) TCP/IP ethernet card adapter
    8) file and print sharing for microsoft network

    i tried pinging the other comp thru dos, but got a request timed out, the link light between our comp is on...
    OS: win 98
    systmes: pentium 2 both the comps
  3. Can both PCs ping their own IPs?

    Can both PCs ping

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  4. yeah both the pc's can ping themselves but not one another...
    also , so now the other computer recognises my workgroup but cannot access it, i have file and print sharing on, and my whole hard drive is on sharing..
  5. Any firewalls in the system? If so disable em and try it.

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  6. ther are no firewalls installed.....

    i have connected 2 pc's using cross over cable...
    i am getting link light on both computer's
    i had windows 98 OS installed on both computer's
    both had different workgroups
    i could see the 2nd pc's workgroup on the 1st comp.
    but i could not browse through the 2nd computer
    i made the workgroup's same there was no diffrence

    i upgrade to windowsXP on both computer's.
    i cannot get the computer's conected.
    i have enabled file and print sharing
    i have 1.client for microsoft networks
    2.file and print shring. 3.service advertising protocol.
    4.QoS packet scheduler 5.NWLink NEtbios
    6.NWLink NEtbios IPX/SPX?NetBios compatible transport protocol
    7.Internet protocol
  7. I would take the one that connects to the internet the most and setup ICS (Internet Connection Sharing). That way the first computer acts as a DHCP server, and the second can obtain automatically.

    Also, after you enabled file and printer sharing, did you share a drive or directory? (ie. right click on the C drive and go to sharing.)
    edit: missed the part where you said your whole drive is shared :)

    It sounds like everything is really close to working. Are you using DHCP, Static, or letting the computers choose their own non-DHCP IP addresses?
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  8. ^^ nopes i assigned manual ip's as
    how would i know that the cross crimping i have done is accurate? i do get a connection established in win xp, but cannot get to ping.
  9. As far as the Cable as long as your Pairs are correct. Like Camieabz link

    straight through standard "A" on both ends

    1 white/green
    2 green
    3 white/orange
    4 blue
    5 white/blue
    6 orange
    7 white/brown
    8 brown

    straight through standard "B" on both ends (the way most storebought cables are)

    1 white/orange
    2 orange
    3 white/green
    4 blue
    5 white/blue
    6 green
    7 white/brown
    8 brown

    Crossover has "A" on one end, and "B" on the other

    If you have a multimeter you can make sure the connection is good by testing each wire (just kinda hard to hold the leads on the cable ends, helps with 2 people)

    And why does everyone always use Static? I find the easiest way to see if my computers are networked up is to simply release and renew the IP. If it works, then my cables are good, if not, then something is wrong. I also use DHCP because I can take my laptop from home to work, or to a friends house without ever needing to change IP settings, and anyone can bring a laptop here and connect right up.

    Sorry, rant off :smile:
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