How to change native resolution 1280x1024 to 1280x960?

Hi everyone,
I have a little question about my graphics card (7800GT) in relation to my Acer AL1951 LCD monitor. The native resolution of this monitor is 1280x1024 but this is not 4x3 like 800x600. For this reason I want to make my computer think I have an LCD monitor which has a native resolution of 1280x960. Now, I can make Windows think I have such a monitor by applying a custom monitor driver. This works. However, the GFX card still thinks I have a 1280x1024 monitor, because it queries the monitor's EDID. I need to find a way to make the GFX card think I have an 1280x960 monitor. Is this possible?

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  1. Why would you want to do that??

    You can chance the monitor to display 1280x960, natively, by turning of scaling in you monitor options.. the display will display black bars up and down instead of streching the pixels.

    And if it's FEAR you worry about, there is a file you can edit to unlock 1280x1024..
  2. I use 1280x960 with "Fixed Aspect Ratio Scaling". This works great, I don't mind the bars. However, this fails with the lower resolutions like 400x300, as it get stretched like 400x600 on a 400x300 window. Don't ask me why, it is a nVidia issue. I've reported this to nVidia but so far no response. If I can make the computer think the monitor is 1280x960 I can use "Display Adapter Scaling". Because 1280x960 is 4x3 all resolutions will be scaled correctly. If you use "Display Adapter Scaling" with 1280x1024 a 4x3 image will get stretched and I don't like that.

    FEAR runs great on my system. I think it is a brilliant game. My main issue is with resolutions lower as, not equal to, 640x480. Those resolutions get doubled in height for some mysterious reason and thus only the top part of a screen is shown, stretched. An example program, besides my own stuff, is CCS64v2, a Commodore 64 emulator. CCS64v2 best display resolution is... 400x300. It supports 800x600 but this will produce scanlines which is not the way to go and if I use "Display Adapter Scaling" instead of "Fixed Aspect Ratio Scaling" the image, any image, will get stretched onto 1280x1024.
  3. Ok, I see your problem know... Sorry, don't know how to change the native res, but it's probably hardcoded to some control chip in there somewhere, in which case it'd be impossible to change (unless you REALLY know what you're doing.. :) ).. You'd think that modified drivers would solve the issue. Oh well...
  4. Perhaps I should upgrade to a 1600x1200 monitor.
    That would fix all my problems....
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