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Who originally host this NG?

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March 31, 2005 4:35:16 PM

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I mean...which usenet (newsgroup server) it belong to!



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March 31, 2005 10:18:53 PM

Archived from groups: (More info?)

In message <424b7e07$0$33340$>
"Mardley O." <> wrote:

> I mean...which usenet (newsgroup server) it belong to!

None in particular: Usenet doesn't work as you evidently suppose.

- The owners/administrators of all news-servers choose which subsets,
large or small, of the myriad possible newsgroups they will 'carry'.

The users/customers of each post to, and read from that server (often,
but not necessarily, that of their ISP)

- Each server, in idle moments, chats to a bunch of its 'peers', swapping
'what's new' (posts): "Have you heard ...":" No, tell me ..." each way.

It's very like exchanging gossip at a perpetual series of 'coffee
mornings', except that the patterns of attendees at each must be
carefully arranged so that the posts 'propagate' throughout Usenet
rather than being confined to isolated patches 'out of touch with the
gossip' in others.

'A funny way to run a railroad'? Seems like it, but it mostly works
much better than one might suppose it would ...

Peter Duck <>