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Windows 7 with office 2000 startup wizard


I have just installed office 2000 on a computer with windows 7. However, everytime I try to use outlook it begins with a startup wizard. Any idea how I can prevent this?
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    I suspect that Office 2000 is no longer supported and it probably does not play well on Win 7. Make sure Office is updated to the best of your ability (and MS willingness to provide such updates.) I suspect however you will have to consider investing in Office 2010. Office 2000 is probably failing on its default path structure or relying on some Registry configuration which is not present in Win 7.
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    I think Office 2003 is the oldest supported under Win 7 and even that has issues. Office 2000 was designed for Windows 98.
  3. Have you gone through the setup wizard at least once? You have to complete it before it leaves you alone.
  4. @ zoron: yeah i went through it several times. No luck.
    @ wamphryi & anort3: i guess so, too bad. Was for my grandparents, just broke them the news. Thanks a lot for your help!
  5. +1 Zoron. OP Microsoft Office 2000 works flawlessly on Windows 7 including Win 7 64. I have installed Microsoft Office 2000 approximetely 20 times on Windows 7. Be sure and get all the updates from M$.
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