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Hi, I was going to get the Enermax Liberty 620W PSU, but my budget for the new PC had gone down and i need to cut costs. I need a good, quiet and efficient PSU that's 500W or more, SLI ready. It can't be very expensive. any suggestions? (fyi: i will probably get the antec p-180 case, but who knows, i might have to get a cheaper case aswell)
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  1. Here is a power supply calculator. See what you need then shop a little.
  2. antec smart power 2.0 series are very good
    They have 2 12v rail and 2 fans (very silent)

    600w + looks like overkill to me :roll:
  3. The Fortron Source 500W would be great, far more powerful than you need, and relatively inexpensive. You'd need a PCI-Express power splitter to run your SLI settup, which is just a cheap cable.
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