Did I stumble upon a bad mobo?(K8N4E Del)

Hey all, I'm pulling my hair out over my new PC build (my first new build in about 3 yrs). First, here is what I have put together -

AMD 64 3400+
1G PC3200
Geforce 6600 GT
WD 80G 7200 HD (swapped this from my old system)
400W Antec PS

So here is what has been happening -

- Great news, able to install XP pretty easily.
- Download all the driver updates for vid card and for XP (SP2, etc.). Install all of the mobo drivers from the asus install disc.
- Everything seems to be working great for at least a few hours.
- Then the pc powers down out of the blue and tries to reboot.
- Reboots fine, so I start to do more stuff.
- Powers down again out of the blue and tries to immediately re-boot.
- NO KEYBOARD DETECTED error message - boot stalls. Weird, wont detect USB.

So I get out my old, non-usb keyboard and try that. Reboots into OS. My mouse does not work (it was plugged into the back USB ports like the orig. keyboard.) I remembered that I have 2 front USB ports on this case so I plug the mouse into those - it works! Plug the orig. keyboard into the front USB and it works now too.

I think I have solved the issue, then another random power-down. This time I get the DISK BOOT ERROR message during POST. I have to put the XP disk back in to attempt a repair install. That crashes. So I try again with a fresh, wipe the drive clean install of XP.

I've been through this same cycle 3 times now, all with the same results. I've finally thrown up the white flag. Does this sound like a bad mobo? Since I'm losing USB support out of the blue that is my thought. But could it also be the PS?

Anyway, I'm looking for whatever guidance you guys can give me. Thanks a ton 8)
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  1. hey there bill. i can sympathize with your problems with the asus k8n4e deluxe. i just bought one myself with my computer build. i had problems from the getgo myself, but.. that was pretty much my fault. my motherboard was grounding out. but, i spoke too soon, because i have usb problems with the board too. my comp will freeze with my usb printer plugged in at startup. wont even go to memory testing or let me enter bios. soon as its unplugged, its ok.

    but.. if i plug it in while my computer is running, it works just excellent.

    so, i also need to know about some kind of patch or extra driver info i should have to remediate this problem.

    but im wondering why you are using usb for your mouse and keyboard? why not use the mouse and keyboard port?

    so.. with this all said, i highly doubt your mobo is fried. its just something that isnt quite right with xp and the usb drivers of the motherboard. as far as your ps is concerned, if you mean psu (power supply) then your antec 400 will def suffice for your system.

    i jsut built this a system with these specs.

    Asus k8n4e-Deluxe Mobo
    AMD Athlon 64+ 3400
    2 gb Kingston DDR400 PC3200
    Seagate Barracuda 250gb SATA HD
    Gigabyte Geforce 6800 ultra
    Antex TruePower 450 watt psu

    and other than the printer issue (USB) im having, and i crappy chipset fan that keeps making annoying noise and having issues, the mobo is just mint
  2. Hello, since I used to have an Asus K8N4-E Deluxe and just bought another one because I have an s754 Athlon 3700+, I`m going to try to remember some of the settings I had so you can try to eliminate some problems.

    First, I used an IDE drive, not a SATA (and no RAID). I flashed the BIOS to 1006 with a floppy disk. I used the latest Realtek audio driver. I did not install Nvidia IDE driver and did not install Cool&Quiet. I used WinXP Pro with SP1. I also disabled the PEG Link mode in BIOS.

    Any questions, let me know. I`ll try to remember as much as I can as I did not have problems with my machine with the Asus K8N4-E Deluxe. I also had a Newcastle core 3400+ and 1GB (2x512MB Corsair Value Select RAM at 2.5-4-4-8 and 2T).

    I believe I used Nvidia 6.6 chipset driver although I read somewhere that some people used the Nvidia driver on the Gigabyte web site.

    BTW, I did replace the northbridge chipset fan with a Zalman NB47J and put on a Coolermaster 40mm fan (taken from a Coolermaster northbridge heatsink) on the side of it with some thin wire.
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