Dead Raedon 9800 Pro...can there be a solution?

Hi, this is my first post here, so I apologise if I've broken any rules hehe.

The other day i suddenly got some really funky 3 cm wide lines scrolling up and down my screen.

After swapping out the card into diferent machines, diferent mobo's/PSU's and whatnot, it seems pretty obvious its the AGP card.

Bars occur even during BIOS POST, so its not driver related, and I re did the thermal paste between the fan and core. Still nothing

Bought it in the USA on Sept '04, however ATI RMA is washing their hands of me, since Mexico isnt a part of 'North American' ( get a god damned map)

Are there ANY possible fixes/solutions/hacks for my poor card?

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  1. Lines of any type are usually a sign of bad memory on the card. If you've tried the card in another machine, with the same results, throw the card away.
  2. No clue on the temps, tho the card is damn hot to touch.

    Ordered an x800GTO with a local company. Thanks for the help guys :)
  3. Sounds like the card is dying. Chances of fixing are slim shady.
  4. Hi everybody!! I just wanted to know if there is any fix for a Geforce Ti 4600 that went dead between reboots, or at least please help me diagnose if the problem was in the power supply, maybe a peak or something. I was playing Unreal Tournament, then it froze, and rebooted but by then the video was gone. The monitor doesn't receive any signal, as if it had the VGA cable disconnected.

    I have taken the card for testing on other computers and I only confirmed that it's dead. My question is: there may be a cure? I wouldn't like to throw this card to the thrash because it was the most expensive model of geforce4 from asus, it even had an input for 3D glasses (came included) and it allowed video capture via a little external box (also included). As both of those accesories were propietary from asus they are just collecting dust in my closet.

    Any help or advice is appreciated... yes, even bad news! :(
  5. you have my sympathy,I have the Asus Ti-4400,and I just went through a Nightmare with it not getting a signal through the DVI interface after changing out the HSF.(works now) The fan spinning?were you getting anomolies(artifacts ) stripes,ribbons?It could be dead,but before you throw it away,try a few more might be as simple as wrong setting in the bios( my bios settings were changed as a result of me just putting on a new fan) reload drivers? I dunno hopefully this helps.good luck
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