i have an a7v8x mainboard
a gigabyte 9250 128 agp 8x card

the two should be compatible, 8x board, 8x card

in device manager it reads the card as:
location 7 pci bus 1, device 0 , function 0

i dont think this matter much. in 3dmark however im showing
0 bytes agp memory...

when i go to the ATI settings tab in catalyst : the latest driver : agp is at 0x, i change it to 8x restart and its still at 0x

check my bios and VGA device is set to AGP not PCI.

yep.. any helpers?
or should i have just gotten a pci card.. cuz from what i can see, it thinks the card in my agp slot is pci.
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  1. Install the chipset drivers for your motherboard.....even if you think they are installed, they're not.

    Install them.
  2. installed..

    i recently reformatted to a newer version of windows..
    i go to download catalyst and drivers for the card and it says they were written for an older version of windows.

    i have xp pro sp3

    im in 4bit color mode now.. help?
  3. Quote:
    i have xp pro sp3

    Lol at your service pack 3....there is no such thing. Thanks for wasting our time asshole......
  4. Lol SP3

    I think your mainboard's AGP blew up. Try inserting the card again and check.
    Doesn't you MB have an integrated video card? it should display something better than *cough* "4-bit color mode"
  5. Quote:
    i have xp pro sp3

    Lol at your service pack 3....there is no such thing. Thanks for wasting our time *******......
    I heard about some sort of prank awhile back about some guys trying to advertise a fake service pack 3 to ruin Windows. Looks like it may have worked. Hahaha
  6. yada yada, its a rebuild of sp2 gold. just makes it look like vista, a little more streamlined.. a little more updated than sp2.

    anyway, i got a different version of catalyst and it looks like its working.. i see the agp bus is at 8x.. due to the reformat i have to get 3dmark again so i can really test it.. or install cd and check my framerates.. if all goes well this will be my last dumb ass post.. until then i have a few questions

    i did blow out my agp slot wouldnt the card thats plugged into it then not work??

    no this one doesnt have onboard video, i know because its my board and it says a7v8x inbetween 2 pci slots and there isnt any onboard video.. period.. unless the video output is a pink lpt port

    tehre is however an agp slot... the only video adapter chipset in or around my computer is on my radeon 9250 which is an 8x card, pulgged into an agp slot that is supposed to read 8x.
  7. I didn't know the card was being recognized ^^
    Hope it runs smooth, good luck!
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