P4VP-MX Dead on Arrival

Asus P4VP-MX
512 meg Kingston PC3200 RAM
Maxtor 89 Gig PATA Drive
Envision Colour Monitor 17 inch
Celeron 2.0 Gig

System booted up on original build, had some problems with the NIC port for internet and was installing a spare network card in a PCI slot when the system went dead.

Current fan runs and LED is on but will not post

1) Removing the mobo and running it outside of the case does not help

2) Removing the mobo and connecting it to a better PSU does not help

3) Removing the battery and resetting the CMOS jumper does not help

4) Switching the CPU results in a prompt post and boot up in the other system so the cpu is good

With the mobo out of the case I am down to CPU and RAM only and the speaker lead is connected, still no beep

One observation. In locking down the heat sink I noticed a fair bit of deflection on the board could this have damaged some circuits?
Does this board have a history of problems?

Trying to reach Asus RMA office is a challenge, 5 tries so far and it’s long distance every time.

Any ideas I have just about given up.
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  1. If there are any beep-codes for your bios, then check your bios company to find diagnosis. If there isn't, I can assume it could be your RAM modules(a small nudge can make the board not post)..try reinserting your ram modules and take out all expansion cards (PCI network, sound carads, etc.) and reinsert them one at a time until it POSTs.. I know its a pain in the butt, but its the #1 solution to a non-posting mobo.
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