RunDLL Error on Startup

Can anybody help me solve this issue?

I'm running Windows 7 home premium x64, I'm not sure what I did to cause this issue but it will not go away. Whenever the computer boots up or restarts, this is what I'm greeted with.

Solved the issue temporarily, I stopped and item from starting up with CCleaner and its not popping up anymore, I would like to take permanent action. If anybody knows how to remove the issue completely, please let me know.
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  1. I tried googling the dll file and some of the websites say that its a virus, so I'm thinking that there is a exe trying to start at startup and is trying to call the dll file. Try going on run and typing MSCONFIG for funny looking exe's.
  2. Yes looks to be malware.
  3. I also think that it is probably a virus that has been partially removed by your anti-virus program. Try downloading and running the free version of Malwarebytes anti-virus program which will run along side your existing anti-virus program to be sure that it has been completely removed. It is then safe for you or a program like Ccleaner or msconfig to stop it trying to start up or if you prefer you can edit the registry and search for “run” and delete the entries for tb.dll.
  4. Quote:
    Run32.dll is the file used running a dll as a exe file. Normally your soundcard dll gets started with it. Its simple to fix it.

    Go to start, then type msconfig then go to the startup items.
    Untick the run32dll.exe one.

    Then download autoruns. Its available from

    Run autoruns. Then the all tab. Now just scroll down and go to the file not found entries. Right click choose jump to option then the reg location will be opened. Now delete that entry you jumped to in your reg and the file not found entry in autoruns.
    Repeat this with all the file not found entries.
    You can make a backup of your registry before doing so. Go to start in the box
    Then choose the export function. Then start with my instructions as above

    I'm not able to find it using autoruns. Their was one file not found entry and it did not do anything when I jumped to and removed it from the registry.
  5. Quote:
    do you still get the error?

    Yes, I believe what I deleted may have been something useless. I cant find the actual issue on the list.
  6. Quote:
    do you still get the error?

    Please go to and download malwarebytes.
    Update it and run a full system scan.
    When its done download and update spybot search and destroy.
    Run a full scan. When its done and nothing was found you can run ccleaner again.
    What antivirus are you using?

    I'll get working on that.

    I'm using avast free, I was thinking about buying it when I get my new pc built.

    I also have this error from the pc issue flag on the task bar.

  7. Disconnect from the internet then run scan?

    I think it was the virus that was partially removed by avast that shut down windows security center. I am getting that popping up in the spybot scan I'm running.
  8. I ran malwarebytes earlier today while connected to the internet and I only got a few things show up that I knew what they were (net tools 5 and xbins, which I assume are false positives) I removed net tools because I don't use it anymore.

    Spybot is done:

  9. Should I delete the entries from the spybot scan or should I leave it alone?
  10. >I'll do that right now ^^^^^^ "it did not ask for a reboot"

    A>Autoruns entries that could be suspicious:

    -LeMonitorBho Class (Mega Manager IE Click Catcher) (Megaupload Limited) - I do use mega manager and assume its safe, I downloaded something I saw on a forums called mega key and I did not trust it so I removed it, The issue may have happened before that but very close to the same time so I'm not exactly sure.

    B>How to I run the Microsoft malicious software tool?
  11. Q-"Do you have another pc?"

    A-Yes, my brother has one in his room I can access.

    The malware/virus/trojan appears on CCleaner as update.Ink
  12. Okay, I'll go to his computer and make that disc.

    I'll reply back with the results...
  13. Quote:
    yes use his computer. Sometimes you get a lot of burn failures with malware and some extract the iso images packing themself in it.

    When its done let me know so we can sort your security issues out so this won't happen again

    The scan appears that its going to take some time so I'll report back late tonight or tomorrow.
  14. The scan has appeared to make no difference and now my disc drive is not ejecting? I'm going to try rebooting.



    Disc drive fixed with reboot but DLL error still occurs.

    Looks like it's time for the the good ol fashioned reformat...
    If you can list all the security measures I can take to prevent the same occurance I would appretiate it very much.....
  15. Quote:
    please download hijack this.
    You can get it at
    Run it. Then copy and paste the log here
    Did you do a sfc /purgecache

    I already reformatted.

    I installed and updated the following:

    Spybot S&D
    Spyware Blaster
    Driver Sweeper

    Is their anything else I should have to keep my fresh install protected? I will do the same for my new sandy bridge build when its done in a week or two...

    "This is my parents/family computer I'm using and got the virus on"
  16. Best answer selected by benson733.nnnNot only the first answer but the entire thread should be used as a guideline for these types of errors.
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