video card keep PC from booting?

I have a Dell XPS-T700r with a Powerleap CPU upgrade. I recently swapped in a new motherboard because the PC would not boot. I had previously pulled every card & had no problems booting to safe mode as each was reloaded. Then it quit booting. Today I started it up for the first time with the new mobo and got as far as the MSWinXP screen checking for internet connection so I could activate WinXP (@#$%# activation) before the PC froze. I did a soft reboot and got as far as the WinXP splash screen. Another reboot and the power light on the monitor didn't even change from amber to green. Another soft boot and the light changed, I got into Setup and screen froze again. So I'm thinking the Sapphire Radeon 9200SE has bit the dust. It was working fine in my homebrew PC (Giga K8NS-Pro w/Athlon64 3000+) when I pulled it to put in a Radeon 9550.
So, could the 9200 be toast and that's why the Dell won't boot? No beeps, no lights, no nothin'.
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  1. I don't think a Gcard can prevent your PC from booting.. Maybe it's a problem with the RAM?
  2. Swap it out...see what happens. Anyway, this is sounding like a temp / psu problem.
  3. Okay, it doesn't seem to be the video card. So, do I continue in this forum or move to memory? I pulled two of three DIMMs and the machine wouldn't boot. I pulled the DIMM and placed in DIMM 2. Machine booted and I was able to run a full suite Tuff-Test Pro diagnostics. Shut down, pulled DIMM 2 and installed DIMM 3. Machine booted and asked for activation. I said no, and machine powered down. I put DIMM 2 back into Bank 0 and DIMM 3 into Bank 1. Got need to activate message and machine froze.

    DIMM 2 = 128 MB Infineon
    DIMM 3 = 256 MB OEMPC Memory

    Excuse me while I scream.
  4. um since when can u change a mobo in a dell...
  5. Since Centrix International started selling them a years ago.
    Any here's what I done so far:
    1) removed everything except ATI 9200SE card and 1 128 MB DIMM. PC booted to WinXPSP2 safe mode
    2) Shut down, added another 128 MB DIMM. PC Booted etc.
    3) Same as 2, but added final 256 MB DIMM.
    4) Added NIC; ok.
    5) Added SB Live 128; ok.
    6) Plugged in slave HD; ok
    7) Plugged in CD-ROM 1; ok
    8) Plugged in CD-RW; OK
    9) Went to full WXP log in. Ok.
    10) Shut down, FD&H.
    11) Rebooted, began activation, screen Froze at Call Microsoft for activation..
    12) Rebooted, nothing. No monitor light, no diagnostic lights.
    13) Installed replacement mobo from Centrix.
    14) See steps 2 - 12
    15) I pulled the one 128 MB DIMM (Dell issue) thinking it was a meory problem, and started PC. Worked all the way with Infineon DIMM..
    16) Pulled 128 MB DIMM Infineon and inserted OEMPC 256 MB DIMM. Worked all the way.
    17) Reseated Infieon 128 in Bank 0 and put OEMPC in Bank 1.
    PC Booted and started activation process.
    18) PC froze at detecking network settings.
    19) Rebooted, Got to last bar on WinXP boot screen and PC froze.
    20) Rebooted. Monitor light stayed amber. No diagnostic lights. No beeps.

    Now what?
  6. Another update. I pulled the Infineon RAM and placed the 256 MB DIMM in Bank 0 as well as pulling the NIC. Nothing. No post, no codes, no diagnostics lights. Time to put the old dog down?
  7. Memtest 86 (2 hours)
    Prime95 (2 hours)

    Google and implement for said duration if you get it back up and running.
  8. I'd love to follow your suggestion. I tried to run #1-Tuff-Test Pro from its boot floppy and the PC didn't see it. I swapped out the Radeon 9200 and put in the original Rage Pro 128 and same deal. The fans spin, the mobo lite comes on, and nothing else happens. I guess it's time to dig a hole for the ol' boy and put him out of my misery.
  9. HOORAY! I think I solved the problem. Why it ever happened I'll never know. Anyway, I went to the Powerleap web site and pulled up their KB and the PDF manual for my PL-iP3/T 1.4 GHz Celeron adapter. I looked at the pix on the PDF and saw the adapter was set for autodetect on bus speed and 1.550 to 1.575 V for CPU core voltage. I change the bus jumper to 100 MHz and the CPU core voltage to 1.600 to 1.625V. I've now rebooted my PC three times with no hangups and even got WinXP activated. Again.
    Why it started acting hinky after three or four years is beyond me.
    THANKS!!! to everyone who helped. That's why Tom's is the best support site going. :D
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