The 230 Bucks Processor Of Choice!

I've only owned 3 computers in my life, if I remember correcly, my first comp was a (sucky) Intel Celeron 300mhz, then I went to a AMD Athlon XP 1400+ (or something like it, I wasnt much into comps back then lol), but since then I became an AMD fan, now I'm running on a Intel P4 2.8ghz just because I couldn't find AMD processors here... (sad, I know). But since I have my uncle coming from US, I though of asking him to bring me a processor and a video card.

Anyways, I started to browse AMD processors and I think my best bet is a AMD 64 3700+ San Diego, I heard it can be OC to FX speeds (how true is this?) I didn't even look at the Opterons cause I say to myself "Nah, those are server processors" but I've seen you guys say they are pretty good choice for home PCs as well so no I'm not sure what to choose :p

I mostly do gaming, not much multitaskin other than MSN + Music + Firefox and maybe some other program (not that I could afford an X2 anyways lol)
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  1. A 3700+ should be a pretty good gaming processor.
  2. opteron 148 is a better bet than the 3700 sandy, but not by a lot. if you have a choice, just buy the cheaper one.
  3. The 3700+ Is A Good Choice
  4. The opty's aren't server chips, they are work station chips. Server chips never start with 1. The 2 series chips are good work station chips, or lower end server chips. 4s and 8s are straight server chips.
    Work station chips are designed for heavy continuous loads. A work station chip is generally a better binned chip than a standard desktop chip.
  5. Quote:
    But since I have my uncle coming from US, I though of asking him to bring me a processor and a video card.
    Not wishing to sound condescending, but you are aware that any of the chips you mention will require a new motherboard aren't you?

    Just don't want you to end up trying to fit 939 pins into 478 or 462 holes... :D
  6. lmao, of course I know I'll need a new motherboard, but I'm not asking him to bring me that, cause it's just too big and I thinkin askin him to bring me a processor and a video card is enough. I'll get the motherboard here, I'll make a topic somewhere else and ask for opinions about the mobos available here with 939. Thanks for asking tho :wink:
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