New system and got some questions


Im building a new system and i got some questions. My current is a

AMD AthlonXP 2800
Mach Speed KT600
9800XT 8X AGP
1 gig OCZ DDR400
80 gig HD 7200RPM (Windows on this)
160 gig HD 7200RPM (storage)
CD-RW drive
DVD drive

my new system is

AMD AthlonXP 64 3700 (Sandiego)
Asus A8N-SLI Premium
X-Superalien case w/ 500 PSU

I am taking the RAM, the CD-RW, DVD, and both hard drives out of the old on and putting them in the new one.....

will there be a problem when the new mobo trys to boot from the 40 gig HD????

also, my old comp is going to my parents, they are putting their CD-RW and their HD into it, and i need to know if it will work for them.....

*EDIT* i did some searching and it looks like i will have to reinstall everything.......damn......but is there a way to move my important stuff to my storage only hard drive (160 gig) and install it as the slave after i reinstall windows on the 40 gig and have the info still be there???? There is really two much stuff to burn to CD's
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  1. You're actually getting an Athlon 64 3700+ right???

    Why a Sli mobo when you only have one GPU?

    If your going to play games I suggest you downgrade to 3200+ or 3000+, MSI K8N neo4-F or Asrock 939dual-sataII, swap PSU to a cheaper one. Now you can get yourself a at least a 6800GS and possibly a 7800GT.

    There's a recent post that i responded to and has info on how to not reinstall windows.
  2. yes, Athlon 64 3700

    I will get another GPU soon, when i get my next few paychecks.........

    i NEED this computer RIGHT now, i cant wait due to other things going on.....

    my most important question though, is will my new one see and recognize the STORAGE only hard drive, there are things on there i really really need, if i have to reinstall windows so be it.........

    and i searched for that post godlyatheist, but i just cant seem to find it


    i just found this.......wonder if it will work???
  3. if you need it right now then your fine.

    that post is here

    even if you reinstall XP the installer will allow you do use the file transfer wizard to backup the old files into your new Windows. Just tell it where it is from and where you want it to go. NOTE: files only, not applications!
  4. i will be upgrading to a 7800GT here soon, the 6600GT is just to get me by for now, for $129 you cant beat it.......

    i didnt know that........the files are what i need, i can always reinstall my apps.......just gotta dig around to find the disks....thats gonna be the hard part
  5. OMG that's lame, get the 7800GT NOW!!! I can tell you how to do it without spending more money.

    That's right, you can get the 7800GT now, and it won't cost you a dime more than the 6600GT.

    Here's the trick: eVGA gave certain venders a fixed amount of free eVGA nForce4 SLI motherboards as a promotional item. The only way you can get the free board from those venders buy an eVGA 7800GT.

    The only two venders I found that had any of the free eVGA motherboards left were and Look up the eVGA 7800GT cards at those sites to find the combo with free board.

    Now, that combo cost $370. Your motherboard and 6600GT choice cost around $390. So getting the 7800GT with free motherboard actually saves you money.

    And you can't complain about getting 3x the graphics power for less money.
  6. well, its to late to cancel.......and i will get a 7800GT soon........then another on down the road.......
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