Which imaging program is best/easiest - Acronis, Casper, etc

I was wondering if anyone with experience using multiple imaging/cloning programs has any input on which one is best - Norton Ghost, Acronis True Image 9, Casper XP, etc.

I'm looking mainly for ease of use on cloning, and maybe also incremental backup.
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  1. I use Acronis, as do all my customers, and swear by it.

    Ease of use, fast, and it has the incremental you're looking for.
  2. I first tried using the DiscWizard software that came with the drive. That didn't quite work though - when botting with the new drive, explorer.exe kept crashing. Everything would work fine and I could run programs by going to Task Manager>File>Run, but Windows itself didn't really work.

    Then I got Acronis and used that, and everything works great now :D It was faster too.
  3. I like Paragon Exact Image or Drive Backup.

    They are very similar programs, but Drive Backup has more advanced features. Exact Image is a powerful program as well but it caters to beginners with a streamlined UI and very simple wizards.

    Acronis is also very good. I really don't have anything bad to say about either suite.
  4. I have tried Paragon, Acronis and Casper. My final decision was to buy Casper. It is simple to use and works. I back up everything to another HD including my operating system. Recently my primary drive took a complete dump. All I did was go into the bios at boot up and change to the boot drive to the secondary HD; the system booted, nothing/nothing was lost. No down time, no boot disks, etc. just change the drive boot.

    Tom Dadian
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