4xx and 8xx series of AMD-a little info?

I'm just curious what can those CPUs(opt 4xx and 8xx) offer like performance, what's the difference between them and the 2xx series, which socket do they use and even if there is a comparison test between a 8xx cpu and an itanium(I/II)...
I was also always curious if Itaniums can be used for games+)
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  1. 2xx series can be used in a dual proc system. 4xx series can be used in 4way configs and so on...AMD wants to go all the way up to 32xxseries which is where the opteron's will really show their strength with their superior bandwidth and low latency.
  2. Itaniums offer horrendous 32 bit gaming performance....

    Wouldn't consider one, as even my laptop with integrated video offers beter framerates in Quake3! :-)
  3. question again, does amd have something similar to the Itanium...no debates about IntelvsAMD, just curious.
  4. and just how and when the *#$% did you play doom3 on intanium based computer!?
  5. The 8xx Opterons are very expensive but also incredible because of the integrated memory controllers and the multiple HT buses they use to communicate with each other and the outside world REALLY fast.

    There are no 4xx Opterons that I am aware of. Quad and 8way Opteron boards use Opteron 8xx CPUs and they are still socket 940 just like the model 2xx Dual Opterons.

    The Tyan K8QW S4881 supports up to 4 Opteron 8xx CPUs and has PCI-Express so I suppose it would work for gaming in theory.

    Some Dual Opteron boards, like the Tyan K8WE S2877ANRF, also support PCI-Express so they would work for gaming as well.

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