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January 17, 2006 9:46:22 AM

So after a week of posting and checking stuff here at TGH i wanna thank everyone who replied.

So this is what i got

Athlon 64 3200+ [gonna over clock it]
ASUS A8n-SLI motherboard
1 GB OCZ premier series
eVGA-Geforce 6800GS [im gonna go SLI with a second one in a couple of months]
250 GB Seagate Barrauda
500W Enermax Liberty
Antec p180 case [sick hehe]

So after all this im not sure what heatsink to get. Right now i was considering the Zalman CNPS 7000B [with the led] but is there a better solution? how about a XP-120 is it better?


More about : finallllllly rig

January 17, 2006 9:58:04 AM

XP120, Zalman 7700 series or Zalman superflower are all good to go. Quite dear though...

Super flower -
Zalman 7700 -
XP120 -
XP90 -

Remember that the XP ones don't come with fans, you'll need to buy one. Also the big ones (XP120 and 7700 don't fit all mobo's, on the Zalman/Thermalright website theres a list of mobos that fit ok. I hope this helps!

Oh and sweet rig 8) Enjoy it!
January 17, 2006 1:23:10 PM

Which asus board did you get?

I only ask because that p180 makes you put your board in backwards (unless i'm thinking of the wrong antec case...), and if you have the premium it will cause you no end of headaches. The heat pipe is designed to work one way, and won't work if you flip it upsidedown. It'd be better to return either the case or the board and look in to a mobo without a heatpipe, or a case that isn't styled btx.

If it's the deluxe, what kind of OC are you looking for?
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January 17, 2006 1:46:40 PM

The P-180 has a perfectly normal board orientation. It's just got the PSU mounted in the bottom, in it's own little windtunnel.

My personal opinion is that while the P-180 is more innovative, and probably cools slightly better when all is set up right (PSU in a separate compartment, more fan mounts), the P-160 is plain built better, and easier to work with. And yes, I have built with both (I have a P-160, a friend has the P-180). I don't think there is anything about that P-180 that justifies it's higher price compared to the 160.

You have to ensure your PSU has a long main cable to use the 180 (or get an extension) due to the unusual PSU position.
The P-160 also has a removable motherboard tray, whereas the 180 doesn't.
The P-160 comes with two built-in temperature probes and an LED display on the front which just flicks between the two.

Overall, the P160 feels like a good, classic design which has been refined over time to give a very nice case, whereas the P-180 looks like a "concept" case rushed into production.

Just my views of course....
January 17, 2006 5:48:17 PM

I like the Thermaltake SonicTower myself. (Though I wish it had a better retention mechanism.) Put a 120mm fan on it and whoooo. :mrgreen:

Of course I used mine without any fan because mine is a silent PC, but it's still been a good cooler even while fanless.
January 17, 2006 6:53:42 PM

Thx Chip

I am in fact...wrong! I'm glad you posted. Sorry, i'm retarded, so you have to forgive me. =P

In fact the only two i could find quickly that were mounted upside-down, were Lian Li cases.

Oh and...i don't know what the 160 looks like, but that 180 kicks ass. I'll probably go chk out the 160 as well heh. =)

P.S.-Silver P...Clowns are one of Satan's special children.../shivers
January 18, 2006 6:14:27 AM

i got the ASUS a8n-sli (non deluxe ...non premium)
January 18, 2006 6:23:50 AM

so the Zalamn CNPS7700Cu looks good. Ill go for that.

thanks fo the links.
January 18, 2006 12:10:38 PM

P.S.-Silver P...Clowns are one of Satan's special children.../shivers
Old Lou is my friend. :D