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:( I have not had a very good few days!!!!! to cut a long story short...I have ended up buying a brand new sata hd for my pc (asus K8V SE mb) on attaching this and booting i get "hardware initiate failed please chk device, the bios does not be installed press g to continue" .....I thought this was something to do with the sata drivers which i have on a floppy (created from mb cd) but after installing drivers the xp install fails to "see" the other pc`s do not have sata so I cannot chk if this new drive has just tuned up faulty (bought online from dabs I guess it would be pretty rare to be a hd hardware fault?) my previous hard drives are at a mates house where he is looking at them to see if he can recover data after my os crashed (told you I have not had good few days!!) so now I am wondering what to do next?
logically it could be cables, hd, motherboard, power supply , or bios ...I am almost a total novice so any ideas will be most gratefuilly I am scared to flash the bios!!!! just a baby I guess :cry:
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  1. Hang in there!!!

    If your SATA BIOS is unable to "find" the new SATA HDD then windows is not going to be able to find it either because it gets its information from the BIOS.

    You might want to try replacing the SATA data cable. Also try another SATA PWR cable.

    Go into your BIOS and make sure the onboard SATA controller is enabled and that the SATA BIOS is also enabled.

    Check, double check and triple check all connections. Try all the different SATA connectors on your motherboard.

    If you have access to a PCI SATA controller (borrow? buy one? $10-$30 USD) plug it in and see if the PCI controller sees the drive.

    Is the HDD itself spinning? Can you hear the heads moving around? Is the drive making any noises? Clicking perhaps?

    If the HDD has an LED onboard does it light up at boot time or light up at all?

    Is your system HDD LED flashing?

    If the SATA drive has both a legacy 4 pin molex connector [+5V -5V -12V +12V] and an SATA PWR connector make sure only ONE is plugged in at any given time - NEVER both of them at the same time.

    If you have a digital multimeter check to see if the power connector going to the HDD is receiving power.

    Good luck! :-)
  2. :D Thanks very much for taking the time and effort to help someone in a bit of a fix!!!! A friend tested my new hd in his machine and it worked that is one thing off the list!! I am going to download the latest Bios when i get a chance ...fingers crossed
    thanks again
    Di :?
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