Question about Geforce 6800

I recently got a Asus Geforce 6800 (Asus V9999) for $370

My questions are:

1. Did I get a good video card for the money I spent?
2. Approximately how long will it still be able run effectively all these games that are coming out

My specs are:
P4 3.0Ghz
Gigabyte 2004 RZ Series Motherboard
Asus Geforce 6800 128mb RAM
1gig of DDR2 RAM, not sure of brand.
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  1. Is that USD? CAD? AUD?

    $370 is a bit much for a plain 6800.

    Did you actually get a 6800GS? GT? ULTRA? or some other model?

    There are MANY versions of the 6800 V9999 this is why it is important to find out which version of the card we are taking about.

    Thanks :-)
  2. I just purchased a ASUS 6800GT new for 235.00 US from newegg
  3. 128MB should be a plain vanilla and if so you got ripped! :(
  4. 370 in AUD

    On the box it says, "ASUS V9999/TD", hope that clarifies it a bit more :) If I got ripped well ... next time I'll take a bit more care. I actually don't really know much about computers etc and I was told that the Geforce 6800 is quite a good video card so yesh .. I bought it

    Anyway, thanks for your replies!
  5. Well $370 AUS is about $270 so that's not too bad if it's AGP. Either way it's a decent card so you should be able to enjoy some nice gaming. :D
  6. too much for your motherboard i say.

    capacitators from the rz could leak due to high power leech

    i give you one year until your mobo cries
  7. If Its The "Vanilla" 12-Pipe 6800 Your Getting Screwed I Only Paid $345.00 For My 7800GT
  8. $370 AUD is not that bad :-)

    That should be a decent card!
  9. 6600GT and 6800 (vanilla / LE) perform about the same.

    Currently the 6600GT costs under AU$250

    6800GT performs much better than the 6800 (vanilla) though, the GT is almost twice as powerful, due to more pipelines, higher clocked GPU and faster Video RAM.

    I recommend: ; for pricing info for Australian PC builders. <--- I am with Internode, the best Australian ISP. - Wink

    So in summary, you got a decent deal on the Asus V9999, assuming it is a GeForce 6800 GT or 6800 GS card. If it isn't then you just paid a large premium for the 'Asus' logo.

    Check (current) GeForce 6800 GT prices for Australia here:
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