Random Crash - No BSOD - No Dumplog

I keep experiencing random crashes. I have windows 7 ultimate x64 SP1. There are no dumplogs, the only info i have to go off is the event viewer which just shows "The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly."

System Specs -
OS : Windows 7 x64
CPU : AMD Phenom II 955
GPU : ATI Radeon HD 5750
RAM : 4GB - Gskill DDR3? Not sure what else on this one.

I have run memtest and it has no errors. It happens when playing games(more commonly), or sometimes just on it's own when nothing is happening.
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  1. It sounds like the system could be overheating or it could be an issue with the power supply. Do you have any idea on what kind of temps you are getting, especially during gaming?
  2. Sorry, I actually solved it. It was a stick of RAM. It went bad. I tested all the hardware piece by piece and when it was just that stick in there, it wouldn't even boot to POST anymore, then i took it out and put the other stick in, and everything worked.

    Also, all temps are good. Gaming, video card reaches a high of 47C and processors reach a high of 43C
  3. Glad to hear. Memtest didn't give you any errors...that is strange, as it is usually pretty reliable.
  4. I thought it was odd too. Memtest gave an error on the same ram a few MONTHS ago, but i removed the ram, put it back in, tried again, and there were no more errors up till a few days ago when this started.

    On a side note, i got new ram to put in my computer. Is it safe to mix different types of ram? The old ram (1 stick still good) was 10600. The new ram is 12800. Is it safe if i put the 10600 in with the 12800?
  5. Ignore the previous post. I decided not to mix the two. But other news is, the crashes are happening again. Any insight as to what it could be? This is new RAM in there and i get the crashes when playing games mostly. although it has happened when not playing a game. Once again, no BSOD, just straight out reboot.

    Once again, System specs :
    OS : Windows 7 x64 SP1
    Motherboard : Asus M4A79XTD Evo
    Processor : AMD Phenom II 955 Black
    Ram : Patiot PC3-10666 1333MHZ
    Video Card : ATI Radeon HD 5750

    Hardware Temps:
    Motherboard : 31 - max 33
    Processor : 32 - max 39
    HDD1 : 33 - max 33
    HDD2 36 - max 37
    HDD3 33 - max 33
    HDD4 33 - max 33
    Video Card - 38 - max 40

    These temps are since the last reboot. Highest temp i've seen is from the video card and that was 48 with load.
    processor will get to about 47 with load.

    On a side note, i just updated my motherboard bios to the newest version available from asus (I did this AFTER the crashes started hoping it would fix it)
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