Seagate 300GB SATA on GA-K8N-SLI


I just installed a Segate 300GB SATA to GA-K8N-SLI board. But the BIOS detects only 137GB for this disk. Looks like it hits the 28-bit address limit. BIOS is updated to version F5. But that doesn't help. I guess such an old limitation should not happen. Any suggestion?


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  1. Hey, are you sure that it's your BIOS that is setting a limitation? First: make sure you have latest BIOS. Second: SATA drives very rarely have limitations, especially an Nforce 4 chipset board. Keep in mind that any Windows XP below SP2 does not recognize anything above what you had written. If you have SP2 installed, and have since you installed windows, i recommend having the drive tested.
  2. Your BIOS revision should support SATA drives over 137GB according to the documentation here.

    Check the Seagate site here. They have a utility to set up the drives that should determine whether DDO is required.

    There really shouldn't be any problems with that board detecting over 137GB. Have you checked all the BIOS settings to see if there is something there (advanced options can be accessed with CTRL+F1.

    Other than that, I'm out of ideas.
  3. Probebly won't help but if drive is SATA II this can sometimes screw up certain bios's. If so check jumpers and set for standard SATA. Shouldn't make a differece but can't hurt. :?
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